Kinda weird behavior with Train Usage?

So as far as I’m aware, I changed nothing at all here, other than getting a State Rail Company (max funding) and reducing Military Spending to make up the difference.

And apparently, it briefly increased Rail Usage, but then just returned to the previous level again?
How exactly does that work?

Generally, Rail Usage is one of those things that seems to be hard to increase.
Also, why would Oil Demand increase from Rail Usage? Most trains today are entirely electric, are they not?

Sorry for the spam but can you b kind enough to help me? I just purchased the game and I have no idea how to download the game.

You should have gotten an email with a link to the humble store.
If you didn’t get that, please email the creator directly.
( cliff at positech dot co dot uk )

I see the receipt id and order# but no clickable link.

Click on the “Download” button. It doesn’t look like a link but like a button.

I’m using gmail but there is no download button within the email. thanks for trying to help me. I won’t bother u any further.

In the Mail there should be a link to the humble store. You’ll probably need an account there.
At that website, there will be the said download button.
If there is no link in the mail, please write cliff a mail directly, asking him about that.

My theory is that as the Rail Industry contribution to usage tailed off and State Rail Company contribution came in there was some kind of offset and they briefly provided a combined boost to usage.

As far as state rail’s impact on usage, I feel like any amount of loss-taking should translate into some increase in usage due to lower fares, but it seems like you have to go above a high threshold before it kicks in, in the US I had to be spending over $45B before it had any effect.

Also, it seems like freight isn’t factored in for rail at all, which is a shame as nationalising that could used as a way to increase GDP by making goods and materials cheaper to move around.

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I literally maxed out State Rail Company. That, imo, should definitely have a larger effect than what private companies might do. At that funding level, I’d be connecting even rather tiny, remote population centers which would never be profitable, not because people in those places would never use it, but because there’s literally too few people who could use it to make a profit.
Like, that’s the point of subsidizing rail, right?

Also, I’d imagine industrial rail use would also increase, so it really should make shipping things much less costly, and as a result, productivity ought to increase, which currently appears to be entirely unimpacted.


Yeah, currently State Rail doesn’t seem worth it, this is what I have at the moment, State Rail costing the country $40bn a quarter and we get:

  • A reduction in Unemployment (Rail Industry also provided this, obviously)
  • A very small decrease in Poverty
  • No increase in Commuter Income (so they’re not spending less on tickets?)
  • No increase in Usage (even though Commuter Membership is increasing?!)
  • An overall decrease in Usage because the Rail Industry was doing a better job of fuelling Usage
  • A slight decrease in the Rail Strike event (misleading as nationalising rail created the problem somehow)
  • A rail strike that is decreasing GDP

Even at maximum investment, Rail Usage is held back by Bus Usage if you have enough bus subsidies, by cutting Bus and Car Usage to zero I managed to get Rail Usage from 25% to 65%, weirdly this didn’t increase how much I could earn/spend on State Rail. I don’t know enough about the benefits of nationalised rail to say exactly what we should be getting, but there should be benefits.

Sounds like I need to take a look at this policy and adjust it to make it more worthwhile.
Regarding the original post, there are definitely mutliple factors at play. Rail usage is affected by GDP, which is rarely static. The chart will only show chages you made directly so if GDP falls (due to other actions), and that affects rail usage, then you wont see an icon for that.


This was late game US with GDP literally maxed out throughout all those turns. If you want I can send you a save