Suggestion: Energy price

This one occurred to me as I implemented a coal ban in my current game. I can’t speak for other countries, but in the province of Ontario in Canada, a previous provincial government took strong action against coal burning, which resulted in rising energy prices and those rising energy prices became an election issue.

That is another thing that is missing from this game is specific election issues, but that’s another case of deciding which rabbit holes to go down.


I like this! And also for all industries. The main argument for nationalisation of the railway is it would make rail prices cheaper.

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I’ve thought that there’s a fair bit of work to be done to the energy (electricity) sector. I wish the game didn’t have to clump all electricity production so. Though I think it’s also a bit necessary since the UI gets cluttered easily with too many bubbles. But at the very least I’d like to see an “energy mix” statistic, which would reflect the emission intensity for domestic electricity production. It’s a nice overview statistic in my opinion of the what kind of electricity is being produced, but also right now the sources of carbon emissions aren’t divided by sector, which means you could (if the sliders allow that) lower the emissions in one sector so much that it negates all other CO2 emissions from any other source as well with one fell swoop.

But since remaining electricity demand from for instance a carbon ban has to come from somewhere, import of electricity is probably also pretty necessary to have as a statistic then if energy mix is added, and it will have a different emission intensity to the domestic energy mix.

The energy price is another one that indeed could be used to balance stuff, this time the voters’ perceptions. So, these two or probably three would be a huge improvement in having the game (after balancing) make more sense in terms of the energy policies. Also, this thing has to be an error of some sort, please fix it as well: Nuclear power and CO2 emissions

I don’t agree, though, that we should be adding prices for just about everything; unless it gets its own window entirely, I suppose. But currently the income and membership of the different voter groups should instead be used when at all reasonable; for railways it’s the commuters group. I don’t know if we should be touching the everyone group’s income directly this way with a multitude of different energy policies, though. We don’t want it to be one of those things where you have a multitude of small effects that when combined negate all the income of the everyone group; electricity should only ever be a small part of people’s expenses, not all of it. So assuming there are enough policies that would affect energy price, there’s justification for having it as a separate statistic.

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