Kinetic weapons not gratuitous enough...

The turrets look cool, busily firing away but… There’s too little indication of where their fire is going. Can we get something happening down the path they’re firing in? Even if it’s just a very brief, faint smoke trail or a really fast bullet (i.e. like the ion cannon, but moving much faster.) Something, anything, would do. At the moment I have to look really closely to try to figure out who is firing at what, and whether they are actually doing anything at all xD … re=related
Someone put together basically every scene of the Pegasus from Battlestar Galactica in combat. Starts about 50 seconds in. BSG used kinetic weapons.

They’re actually a little inconsistent in how they present the shots but the smoke trails are nice (maybe some of the things we’re seeing are meant to be missiles though).

Starting about 1:30 is, incidentally, the best scene ever and you shouldn’t watch it if you plan to ever watch BSG. Bit of a spoiler. More kinetic weapons fire, though, seen close up. I do agree though - it was hard to tell where my weapons fire was going.

I’m getting the impression that the ‘auto-cannon’ with the 3.7 tracking does nothing.

That’s a bug he says he’s working on, re: autocannon.

Incidentally, that youtube video makes me realize we need a “Ramming” option. Like the opposite of “Cautious”. If you set the Ramming slider to 75%, then when your ship is under 75% health it will try to ram into an enemy ship, with damage being a factor of relative mass and speed.

Re-download the expansion and re-install it now, and they are fixed…
Also, I do intend to revisit the visual effect at some point.

I would make a fleet of rammers.

Yeah, this was the first ship I tried to make - I filled a ship with powerplants and sent it charging into the enemy, in the hope of some absurd explosion :smiley:

Excellent, downloading now :slight_smile:

doesnt work? Dang it, I was just going to try that.

Correct, ‘explosive’ suicide ships barely hurt the enemy at all :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve noticed that explosions seem to do damage to surrounding ships but it seems like a really small amount and I’m not sure anything modifies the damage.

I’ve wondered if it could be interesting to have a “suicide bomb” type module that does extra damage when it explodes, to both your ships and enemy ships. Or some weapon that just does large radius explosive effects – something you’d use against everyone who tightly packs their ships together (so basically everyone).

Might be tricky, though. If it’s doing area explosion damage it should hurt your ships too, so coming up with a fleet design that doesn’t end up blowing up your own fleet might be tough.

It’s related to the amount of power the ship produces. The intention is a penalty for stacking your ships too close, but it’s usually quite a minimal effect…

I’ve seen it tear apart a fleet before though - someone put a challenge up where they’d stacked around 50 or so frigates onto one point, so they scattered out when the game started… I took advantage of this with some super fast rocket fighters, which got in and started killing while they were still overlapping in a super dense cloud… The result was quite devastating.

Two power gen 3’s on a cruiser will explode well enough to knock out weapons on neighboring craft. Not a fan of it sometimes.

It seems I’m on the receiving end of a lot of enemy explosions, usually from my idiot frigs who think ‘keep moving’ means ‘board the enemy cruisers’.

I may ramp up the detonation damage at some stage, as it’s pretty rare for it to be decisive. That said, I did encounter a situation when testing the Tribe, when 6 frigates blew up, one after the other in a daisy-chain effect after one of them was blown apart.
There is also the possibility in the future of deliberate area-of-effect weapons, flak guns basically. I think they would definitely suit the play style of the tribe. As usual its 1% code, 9% UI, 90% testing…

haha. i souped up the power of all ships to their absolute max (i did some testing :D)… the result was absolute customization… and absolute hell… to the captains. :wink:

I think for “Ballistic” weapons we should have more variety in the howitzer type, like a way to control ammo and such. Wouldn’t it be awesome to lobe a nuclear shell into someone’s hull and vaporize it? Or a shell that when it explodes sends mines everywhere! (Which the U.S Army can do!) Or flak? Both could be very humors Anti Fighter methods.

Even more enjoyable would be seeing “Gatling Auto cannons” or something along the lines that doesn’t jut shoot very quickly but sprays like a drug dealer with an Uzi! (Probably my favorite thing to watch in my modded Homeworld 2 :3 Or the last episodes of Stargate Atlantis XD )