Kudos & Democracy

I think one of the weirder but more interesting ideas could be to create a kind of upgrade or mod allowing to link somehow Kudos to Democracy. You would have the option to play a citizen of a specified country previously created by you in Democracy,or to play same-time ,one turn in Democracy,one in Kudos but in the same reality. Level of taxes should affect possible salaries,transport policies allow or disallow certain commute options,technology grants or university grants could limit the option of available courses or books, etc. In this way the eductaional potential of Democracy could be improved,since you could see how practically livable is your country.

What do you think about this idea?

i think the difference of genre is to great.something like simcity and sims should have less of a gap.most people are really ignorant about policies.they just study and go to work.but it is ambitious,maybe a city simulation in between?i would like to see how it turns out though. you have my support. 8)