Lack of Cabinet Options

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Has anyone noticed the potential ministers do not regenerate as much as in D3? After a rough few years I have been left with only 8 options which isn’t all that many. I have thought in the past the minister available should not be randomly generated but fit in with the current party membership voter groups or the type of party dictates the minister’s voter groups.


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I agree and like an earlier comment that it would be amazing to be able to pick a cabinet to kickoff the game!!


Interesting. I will take a look at how they work… as i recall ministerial candidates are generated in ‘real time’, so it should be the case that they reflect the general public but I shall investigate to ensure that is the case…

Well I kept getting ministers that had sympathy groups, that weren’t existing in country.
For example religious, trade unionists, wealth classes are very easy to zero out with certain policies, and you still could have ministers that had those sympathy groups.

Not noticed you can reduce the amount of wealthy voters, is the membership linked to the level of higher earnings?

Level of higher earnings just shows how you are changing wealthy group income.
You can push out everyone from wealth class by taxing/privatizing/nationalizing/subsidizing stuff.
For example you can make everyone become middle class if you subsidize poor and other voter groups, and tax hard wealthy group.
That is rising tide lifts all boats.
Also only trickle down is luxury tax income, that depends on wealthy membership.

Some voter groups have more items affecting income and others have less of them.
Wealth classes obviously will have tons of things.
They don’t display fixed income affecting them though.
Capitalist - 3 items
Commuter - 2 items
Environmentalist - 5 items
Everyone - 4 items
Farmers - 8 items
Liberal - 1 item
Motorist - 11 items
Parents - 3 items
Religious - 2 items
Retired - 6 items
Self Employed - 5 items
State Employees - 5 items
Trade Unionist - 1 item
Youth - 3 items

Thanks Cliff, it would be great to add more politics to the game. Ie maybe a parliament/Congress and the party you select at the start to have significance. Ie if you select the Democrat’s the socialist voter have a higher support level and it will drop if you don’t please them which would be demand by the cabinet which would be left leaning. It would mean the list of partys would need to be limited and have the main parties in each country. Not sure it can be done in d4 but a idea for an extension pact.

Thanks, for all the time I have played I’ve not really noticed :slight_smile:

Im currently on my laptop, not with the source, but if there is some rubbish code that is assigning random sympathies to ministers, you can bet I will write some much better code that takes membership of them into account tommorow :smiley:
(this shouldnt be hard, as I already have the percentage composition of every voter group easily to hand…).

Although to be fair, ministerial candidates are sadly NOT a random cross section of the electorate, as they definitely tend to be wealthier and more from a society’s ‘elite’ in some fashion, so I may need to include a nudge in that direction…


This is changed much for the better, for the next update :smiley:


Cool now we can fill it with Poor Capitalists and Wealthy Socialists :smiley:

Ok, now I’m confused. Here is a post I put up in another thread about how my ministers have the same loyalty and preferred portfolios, in every country, every time. (Sorry, it’s a bit long & you can prob ignore the 1st paragraph!)

Is what I’ve experienced not how it’s been working for everyone else playing D4?

Hope my suggestions are helpful!

I just replied to that thread. Basically a combo of my recent fix (in 1.116) and choosing randomize start is likely what you would prefer :smiley:

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