Land Air Sea Warfare, a fine little Indie RTS

Hi, I discovered a great Indie RTS several months ago called Land Air Sea Warfare by Isotope 244 and bought it last month. It’s a simple to control oldschool RTS game with random maps and no campaign, and it has no multiplayer, but the AI is pretty good. It’s available for PC, Mac, IPod and IPhone and Windows mobile. Anyway, I enjoy it very much and there’s a new version with many improvements available since last week (but only beta so far). It’s the right game if you wanna play a quick round of an oldschool-RTS. It’s a bit like a 2D version of Supreme Commander and also similar to Total Annihilation, but a bit more simple than both of these games. Games with large maps can last up to 4 or 5 hours. Because I think the game is not well known, I wanna hint to it here in this forum. It can be registered without Online connection (I don’t have Internet at home). Just test the demo.

The developer mentioned in the readme of the new version, that he plans to introduce multiplayer and a singleplayer campaign in future versions. Hey, be sure to check out the most recent version if you haven’t already. The beta has now been upgraded to official 2.0 version a few days ago.

campaign and multiplayer eh? That will sate my hunger X)

oh, if only…

Cool finding threads like these, 2 years later and the game still exists :P. Maybe I’ll check it out but ya, looks a lot like Total Annihilation, even some of the units appear to be based off it.