Law on school religious symbols

Hi Cliff! Yesterday I came up with an idea of ​​a law that I think is nice to implement, since there is a dilemma on religious symbols it would not be better to put a special law with the minimum, medium, high, maximum options or with special options upon request family, at the request of several families, in classes with the same religion, in all classes. Obviously it will make the religious happy, it will make the liberals and state employees unhappy.

Cliff and community, I want to hear from you about this law.

See you!!!


Maybe Cliff didn’t implement it due to complexity issues?

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But if is minimum, medium, high and maximum isn’t hard


I meant complexity for the gamers. Or perhaps redundancy due to there already being a dilemma. I imagine that secularity of education at lower values would imply having more religious symbols in schools and more religious things in general.

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Remove the dilemma? And add this policy.

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I would say that secularity of education would cover this.

What if I want to remove the crucifixes but teach Christianity at school? a dilemma comes every 5 mandates, if I want to make immediate changes I can’t make them.

It just becomes too complicated, that’s all. And if you’re promoting christianity, why would you ban crucifixes? Even Satanism uses the crucifix.

to teach what Christianity is even if it is an atheist religion, because if you put the basic options (minimum, low, medium, high, maximum) it is complicated?

Complicated for the user. It’s best not to have such hyper-specific policies. It isn’t a 1:1 simulation of real life.

But if we get close to 1.1 he doesn’t say to do 1.1 but at least to stay close to this.

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I suggest to let things be.

This regulation doesn’t sound of much use and I believe that the situation is good enough for this specific occasion.