Today Cliffski posted the first clue to what, exactly, his new game is. he’s intentionally keeping it confusing as he knows how the internet loves these kind of puzzles! think of it as a game before the actual game.
Blog post:
So far we know it’s a image from the Dr. Who episode “Genesis of the Daleks.” the image doesn’t appear to have anything encoded in it, but that’s not necessarily true!

Please post thoughts, relevent things, theories, discussion etc. here. this is the technically appropriate forum for this to be placed, so let’s keep it confined to a single thread

ooh! i like mysteries :smiley:

though i have no idea what that clue means :S

perhaps it will get more clear once we get some more to actually put together and solve something.

Yeah, at this point it’s mostly just figure out EVERY last bit of denotation from that episode xD