BFG Patch

I just bought Kudos from Big Fish Games (congrats on getting it posted there).

The version number in the lower left corner says: BFG 1.0

Unfortunately, over time, the game runs slower and slower, until the mouse drags as I try to click on people’s interests.

If I save, quit and restart, the slowness goes away, for a while. I was wondering if this was a memory leak, and went looking for a patch.

Apparently you’ve patched the game up to version 1.18, if I purchase directly from you.

Is there going to be a patch released for the BFG version as well?

Thank you!

I don’t have plans for a patch for the BFG version right now. This is a very strange bug, as any memory leaks should be in all versions, as they arent that much different. Have you got a second PC you can try it on? (to rule out it being a PC problem).

I do have a PC laptop – I’ll give it a try in a few days (since I’ve been neglecting my work to play Kudos).

On the other hand, lots of the improvements you’re talking about on these forums sound interesting (I thought it was odd that my boyfriend didn’t seem to care that I’d spend ages playing chess with another guy), and I’d love to play the newest version.

How hard is it to expand the current patch to cover the BFG version? (Or, how different is the BFG version from your own version?)

Thanks lots,


and it is Very slow to load, and crashes occasionally. I think this will be a great game once I can get it to run

its not that simple, because portals like BFG or yahoo control what changes are made to the file, so there would be a long admin and approval process to release a patch. With my version, I can patch it whenever I like.

Oh drat. I had no idea that the portals controlled changes to the file. That’s really annoying.


I didn’t even know it was possible to get it separately from the BFG portal at the time I bought it. I check BFG regularly, since I like a bunch of their games, downloaded it, tried it, and bought it as soon as I hit the 60 minute demo limit, since I didn’t want to stop playing.

If I had known then what I know now, about the patchability of the game, I’d have gotten it directly from you.

I know it’s self-serving, but how do you feel about discounts for idjits like me who bought from a portal, but want an upgradable version of the game? Something like “prove that you bought it from a portal, and get x% off by buying another license direct from the developer”.



trouble is, thats not even verifiable, as the portals wont tell you the email addresses or other details of the people who bought it. Yes, this sucks.
On the plus side, I’m quite open to doing patches for the portals, although in my experience, they are slow to introduce them. :frowning:

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I was wondering, even as I typed my last post, how you’d verify it – I was thinking portal buyers could send you their activation code, but of course, that’s specific to the software that the portal adds, and you’d have no way of telling a real activation code from a bunch of random letters and digits.


So, instead of bugging you to make a portal-able patch, I should bug the portals (well, BFG specifically, since I’m a gameclub member for them) to make patching software purchased through them easier.

think I have a fuzzy memory of an indy game developer who had, on his own site, a patch that worked for the portals. Unfortunately, I can’t find it, but I did find a bunch of indy developer sites, some with patches that only worked on games purchased directly from them, and some with links back to the portals. big sigh

So, it’s back to the portals. I’ll nudge BFG, and I guess I’ll see if they respond.


I wonder if I can do this with Pogo…
I’m really bummed that I can’t upgrade.

I just heard back from BFG:

Dear Valued Customer,

I have confirmed with our developers that we have the most current version of our games up on our site.

It still says BFG 1.0 on the splash screen, though. Are they right, and just not updating the spash screen? What should I look for in the game that would tell me for sure if they have the most current version or not?


the thing is that is the most up to date version for BFG. If I make a change to the positech version, then its not simply a matter of sending it to BFG, the two versions have ‘branched’ because one is set in $US and has no internet update or credits saying cliffski etc etc.