Liberal and Conservative Membership

The extent to which social policies affect membership is quite strong. Often this results in boosting the membership and support of the group that supports you to nearly 100% and decreasing the size and support of the other down to zero. Can this be patched?

It could but eventually one group would drop to 0, hopefully it can be modded so that it would take 26 years for this to happen.

Agreed, it is just too easy to get rid of the voters that you don’t like. Playing as Canada, I can have 0 religious voters by the second election. While I do enjoy being able to have organ donation, stem cell research, evolution taught in schools, gay marriage, legalized prostitution and gambling, all WITHOUT bombs going off in my office, I would prefer a game that forces me to deal with people I don’t like or agree with.

This would be very very easy to mod, you would just have a bunch of overrides for every link that was an input to _global_liberalism (it works both ways, because this affects membership of both groups), and reduce the effect of those changes.