Liberalism cap?

I know that it’s a problem people complain about that it is to easy to change the size of the various voter groups. I decided to challenge myself. Could I annihilate conservatism and make everybody liberal? The answer is no, but it seems to be because there is a hard cap on how liberalized my population can be. In the screen shot below, it seems to be capped at 82.95%. It has been this value for a while, and I have implemented policies which should increase liberalism. I have watched them go from showing only a small dark green bar indicating how much change they have already caused with a large light green bar showing impending change, and turn the whole bar dark. In this time, liberal membership hasn’t budged, it’s stuck at 82.95%.

To be clear, I think it is a good thing that conservatism cannot be annihilated, and this should be true for more voter groups. However, a hard cap is not the right way to do it. Each of the policies should have a smaller impact on liberalism, so that even with all of them at full there are still conservatives. If this math were tidied up then there would be no need for a hard cap.