Why did I buy this game?

Two reasons… no DRM anywhere (major plus) and… it works perfectly in Wine/Linux. I would have preferred a native Linux client, but I can live with running the game in Wine. No fiddling around to get it working either… it was install and run.

OK, there’s a third reason too… it’s shedloads of fun :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say thanks to the game developer for making a game that’s entertaining and free of DRM silliness. People will pay for good quality games free of DRM… now if only we can convince game developers that Linux is a viable gaming platform… sigh.

This game doesn’t work for me in wine. What version of wine are you using, and what version of the game? Alsa?

Lack of DRM was a big part of the reason I bought this game, too. Thanks cliffski!

I bought it 'cause it’s way too fun. Real excited about the campaign mode expansion. I just realized today that this was made by Positech… the same Positech that made Kudos and Democracy!! I know everyone here knows it, but it was a pleasant surprise just now when I connected the dots. Excellent games! Keep up the good work! Too many exclamation marks!!

Probably not the best topic name for a positive feedback post!

Haha yeah I noticed that too. :slight_smile: Should probably have been “Why I bought this game” or something.