Line set up problems

I’m using 1.07 and having constant problems actually getting a working line due to the “next slot not found” message. I can usually drag conveyer lines over a route to reassert it when there’s only one of each section down but I’m not trying stuff like multiple paint factories to make a more efficient production process. PL is failing to recognise even basic routes like having a paint factory 5 conveyor belt pieces in front of a fit body section, for example.

Screenshot shows what i mean, having just two paint factories down.

Just to add this is a brand new game with the current version, not an old save. Only thing I’ve done is modified the save file before starting to build just to give myself more cash to play around with builds.

Hey Xerrabaldy,

At the first view at your picture everything seems to be right.
Where do you start and stop dragging the conveyor? Do you start/stop right in front of the slot or on the tile of each production slot?

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check to see if your paint booth are facing the right way

I drag the conveyor from the spot where the outline of the whole section becomes active. IE: in the middle as that’s the only way a route for conveyor paths draws correctly. So I don’t think that’s where the problem lies.

I’m definitely placing the paint sections the correct way round additionally.

are you sure because my fans are on the side tah faces me yours drying fans are on the side facing away
double check it

This is the correct orientation

hah, that’s it … I need new glasses :*(

The painters pointing at the wrong direction. Take a look at the paint barrels. They are place at the front:

Sorry but sometimes it needs a second look …

Take care of the IN- and OUT- triangle when placing a slot:

I hope this will help …

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I’ve replaced the painters and they are working now.

I’ve now got a complete line going which I’m building on and have noticed that to get a route correct you need to actually drag from one section to the next to complete the route in one go. You cant say drag out a short section of conveyor from a built section and then drag a section of conveyor from the next part up to the conveyor already there, or the link won’t be made. Most people probably wouldn’t do it this way, though, I’m guessing.

I was also doing a route from reverse on earlier tries where i would set up the export section first and work backwards to the start of the process, again probably just me doing things the unexpected method.

I’ll expand this design some more and see if I break anything else.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Hey Xerrabaldy,

you can place a conveyor from station to station in more than 1 single step. Just either start with the last tile (placing the new over the old one) or finish at an existing conveyor tile.

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In your post your talk about dragging from the next part up to the conveyor already there. If you do it that way the conveyor would be backwards. Take a look at the black and yellow lines on the side of the conveyor and you will see arrows, that shows the direction the conveyor is moving.