Low Food Price Should Affect Obesity?

Low food price should boost obesity?

And the truth is that it depends on what the govt subsidizes?

You can say that this thought process is already in game.

Hmmm…true. Now does it model the innate tastiness of said bad food that makes us gravitate towards it no matter what?

Well, I’d say broccoli sounds really good when you are very malnourished and can’t afford a McDonald’s burger and fries.

How poor do you have to be in the US to not afford McDonald’s? You’d probably get enough from food stamps and begging then. And food stamps preclude junk food, but begging doesn’t. So, what gets more? Begging or food stamps?

Speaking of food stamps, it definitely feels like at max values, people are getting some ludicrous food stamps. $1000+ a quarter? Yeah, probably not enough now that I think of it. $30 to feed a family is crazy low (just about enough for a person a day) it would take more than $10,000 a year I imagine, so you’d need other policies to stop starvation or just shower food stamps with all the money you can. 33 million people food insecure in US, 51 billion for food stamps. Comes to just a bit more than $1000 per person, yeah, not enough (~10%). The rest would probably be made up with begging, part-time work and/or junk food. I’m conjecturing here.

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Here, I was speaking hypothetically if one would increase Junk Food tax and increase health food subsidies to the max

Oh wait, now that I think of this examples, junk food restaurants wouldn’t even exist

Or they’d gain their shine again, and become a luxury?

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It appears that here it says that food stamps are designed to prevent unhealthy diets.

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Of course this begs the question, where does the low-price fuel come from, the forests? We’ll need subsidies for this specific thing to under “Welfare” or not? Is it even modelled?

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