Mac port

Hey guys and cliffski,

Been a fan of the game since I bought the first one, is there any time frame for the Mac port of the game? I don’t really have any access to a PC at my home and I would love to play Kudos2 on my Mac laptop, been dying to play it actually, please, can someone inform of any concrete time frame or dead line for the Mac port of the game?

Thanks a bunch.

within a few weeks at most I think.

Thank you cliffski, that is such awesome news…I can’t wait

Love you man (in a platonic, customer sort of way)



Thank you so much my good sir.

Just FYI, your link in your buy this game section of the site doesn’t work properly, it sends you to the Red Marble Games shopping cart and is empty of product.


Aha, thankyou for pointing this out, I’ve no idea how I screwed that up!