Mac version expansion packs?

It appears that buying the expansion packs gets me a .exe file; no option was offered to download a Mac version, so I figured the packs were universal (just zip files to be stuck into specific directories or something like that). Was there supposed to be a different download link for a Mac version of the pack?

You bought the expansion packs from Positech, or from Red Marble Games? Red Marble handles all the Mac stuff, and it was my understanding that they sell the expansion packs in some sort of mac-compatible format.

If you did buy from Red Marble, contact tech support at and they should take care of you.

If you mistakenly bought from Positech, Cliff should notice this post and take care of you somehow, but you might want to ping him at just to be sure. He’s busy this weekend so it might be a day or two for you to get a response.

Ah, yes, I bought from Positech. When I bought the game, there was a redirect from the Positech site to Red Marble; I figured it was just a different distributor, and that the expansion packs were cross-platform (they’re just data files, right?) Thanks for the info, I’ll drop them both a note.

Red Marble has taken care of me. Great service!