Manufacturing Parts

hi can anyone help me to manufacture parts, I add the manufacturing station and resource importer and supply stockpile but it still says No Export Room, What do I need to do

A lot could be happening here:

  1. You are either production a resource which is currently not required, or you are overproducing an item (too much)
  2. The manufacturing slot is not connected via resource conveyor to the production slot which uses that resource
  3. You have not set the import option to local only or prefer local

I would suggest that if the manufacturing slot is not built directly next to the production slot, that you place a stockpile near the production slot and change the import type on the stockpile and production slot to local so that your manufacturing plant can send the resources to the stockpile for the production slot to use.

I will do a screen shot for you a bit later :slight_smile:

It was working it was i forgot to set stockpile and production line to local only, can I manufacturing the following

large battery
hybrid battery
small battery

If so how

I am glad that you could sort it out.

As for the battery manufacture, well, as of yet Cliffski has not included battery manufacture. Indeed there are a few items which cannot yet be manufactured, but I am sure these will come with time.

I want to handle battery manufacture properly, which involves new resources for lithium, and cobalt, and also battery, and battery module intermediate components, and multiple researches & production slots…

I am certainly looking forward to that future update Cliffski. Great Job!