stockpile/mover station

so i’ve tested something.

i have a brake prodution far away from where it’s needed and some close to where they are nedded. when the close ones are empty the ones far away stays idle. so i went up the line a bit and placed a stockpile and i tried to fill it with brake from local prodution, no luck because there was a importer nearby and i thought.

can’t you make some kind of local supplies only like the rest? maybe then it could act like som kind of mover station?

sorry for bad english i’m from denmark

There is a technology in the game you can research which unlocks the button on a slot telling it to only use locally produced (factory built) goods, or to ‘prefer’ to use them, or not to care. That might be the thing you are looking for.

I think it’s about the missing functionality at Supply Stockpiles. If you want/need to buffer the produced components near the production slot the import setting of the production slot gets wasted as soon as you place and configure the Supply Stockpile. Atm there is no chance to set an import rule at a stockpile so it runs at ‘any’ rule.

Maybe it would be a good idea to widen the Supply Stockpile window and add the import rules per item.

Btw.: If I understod stefanr in a correct way and there will be changes to the Supply Stockpile window, would it be possible that the red X will remove the item from the items list and the still contained parts to the stock at the same time?
If you want an item to run out of stock you can set it to 0 and wait a bit. But if you need the space at the Supply Stockpile e.g. for other items or more space for the remaining items you will have to remove the existing stockpile, place a new one, configure again most of the items and wait (and sometimes hope) that it will be supplied.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. supply stockpiles need an option to follow those rules too.