maxsimultaneous for missiles too?

I’ve been trying to make missiles work with the new maxsimultaneous attribute, but it seems to only work with plasma. Could any of you experienced modders check it?

U cant get multiple missiles at once like plasma weapons , the only thing u can do is to make a multiple warhead missiles, playing with the values “maxsubmunitions” and “has_decoys”. As far as i know, the “maxsimultaneous” value is only present in the plasma weapons, and it is included with the last update from a few days ago. But since i dont have the update yet, i cant be sure if that maxsiumultaneous value is included in missiles too (but i dont think so, since Cliff didnt mention any of that in the update and i didnt see anything about it in the community threads).

well, just tested it, i cant get it to work even with plasmas… so… is there any extra value that we need to put in the plasma module to make “maxsimultaneous” value to work?? cuz i am a bit lost. I just copied / pasted the value in one of my plasma modules, and it doesnt work. Any ideas??

For Plasmas it requires short fire intervals to see the results. In other words normally the turret waits when plasma ball hits or runs out of fuel, and after that sends another one. Now you don’t have to wait for that with this code.

And sadly yes it doesn’t work for missile weapons…:frowning:

Agreed. One needs to buy the new Parasites expansion race to fully appreciate the beauty of this. Their Plasma Slinger weapon charges up and fires incredibly fast, which makes “burst mode” possible. The maxsimultaneous value is completely pointless on the other official plasmas in the game because it takes them roughly ten times as long to charge and fire their weapons. This new ability makes the Parasites quite a dangerous race to fight.

Multiple Warheads are as good as it’s going to get.