Help me too understand how...

Hello i have just started modding i need some help to understand what i what and what it does and what are safe max and min values

i was editing swarm disruptor and i have an question:

what “convergence” means and does:?:

how to make weapone more accurate

i ask for guidance.

“convergence” means that, when the weapon is placed on hardpoints with multiple turrets (visual turrets only remember) the lasers converge before hitting the target, like the death star superlaser. How to make weapons more accurate, set the tracking_speed to something higher, like 15.0 if you want to hit everything it shoots at.

Hmm. So adding Convergence to other guns would allow them to have the Disruptor effect?

yep, but it only applies to beam lasers.

Well, yeah. How would missiles or whatever converge? :I

It’d look like the opposite of a missile sending off decoys. Actually, that would look kinda cool.

Thanks for the reply and help here is another one:

in data/races folder there is the file (race name).txt and i want to use different file how to properly import it:
here is the example:
turret_plasma_v1 =,,24
turret_plasma_v2 =,,25
turret_plasma_v3 =,,26
turret_plasma_v4 =,,26
turret_plasma_v5 =,,26 -< i want to import this but i have an error

I don’t have the swarm (yet) so I don’t know if the names are correct, check them to see if and have exactly this same names (the sprites should be inside swarm\bitmaps\turrets ).
Also you need to type in the weapon file, where you want that turret, this line: turret_sprite = “turret_plasma_v5” and make sure the race that uses this weapon has that same line in their race file (if you use that same turret with a race that doesn’t have the turret_plasma_v5 line in their race file it gives an error, that is solved adding restricted = “race” in the turret file, consequently restricting that turret to the race that uses that turret).

P.s. Anyone thinks I should upload that modding documentation I have lying around? Seems more people are learning to mod this lately.

I think that would be a very useful thing to do. Perhaps cliffski could set it as a “sticky” on the top of the Modding Forum.

I would appreciate that.

Then I’ll temporally stop my work in my mod and start tidying up all the stuff I’ve got. I’ve still got a couple of parts of the code to test but it’s better than having nothing.
Just give me a couple of days to get a great part of it understandable and ready to be uploaded :smiley:

Thanks for help SirJamon. It looks that i made some mistakes a the first attempts… Now everything works fine… for now… (Edit1)for now it seems i have installed the 1.40 patch and boom it doesn’t work again error message:

Turret mapping not found [turret_plasma_v5}==>[Federation]…\src\SIM_Race.cpp222

(Edit2) It seems that GSB needs to have input text lines in two files IF you make the module available by unlucking in FleetHQ. So in my example i had to edit tauri.txt and federation.txt and in both use the method SirJamon posted

SirJamon, I eagerly await your teachings. I hope to put them to good use soon.

How to change the color of the missiles?

change this variable (0-3) to select the missile flare colour:

flareuvid = 0

thanks… but but only four…colors where is green, black balls, pink, and many others…

Last time I checked, the flares can only be picked from a unique sprite which only contains 4 colors. The colors can be changed changing that sprite, but then you will also change all the missiles that used the old colors with the new ones.

How can i exit from followcam mode? it seems that it can not be un done…

I can remake this sprite using what??

you can remake the sprite by using the same program you’d use to edit ship bitmaps…

as for the followcam mode exiting, the only way I know how to do it is to click radically at the followcam button then click like a maniac on an empty space in the battle. It does the trick for me.

what program use to edit ship bitmaps? then…