Media Consumption Classes for Fake News?

I kinda hate that the only real, permanent way to deal with Fake News is to do Internet Censorship put to at least On Police Request.
Maybe something like a class specifically for handling that stuff might work.
Like, the idea should be a stand-in for educating people on How To Internet. How to spot scams, stay safe, how and why to do two factor identification, in what ways you are and aren’t anonymous on the internet, and how to spot fake news. - Might at first seem like that’d be mostly for seniority, but it’d make sense for young and old alike, and it’d drop all internet-related negative effects, and potentially marginally raise education and technology, and a little bit reduce crime.
If you ever intend on adding Internet Addiction Epidemic or something like that, it’d also reduce this.

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There are couple awareness campaigns, so there could be Misinformation
Awareness Campaign, it would reduce fake news and internet crime situations to lesser extent.

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What’s the triggered modifier for it to crop up? i’ve never had it in any of my games. Though i think thats because the first policy i touch is seting state media to max.

High internet speed, Technology
Low Education, Foreign Relations, Stability, State Broadcaster, and Internet Censorship

With maxed Technology it’s impossible to get rid of even with maxed Education, Foreign Relations, Stability, and State Broadcaster. At that point you need to have Internet Censorship at at least the second level.

I guess with maxed technology everyone have computers and they can go to Fakebook :smiley:

Indeed, I’m not saying this doesn’t make sense. But hence I’d want less blunt ways to deal with it than literally censoring the Internet.