[Misc.] Obtaining permission from copyright-holder?

I know this is a side track question but it is about your quoted comment. IF you have permission to use copyrighted information from someone and can prove it. Would you be willing to have a mirror of it. I ask this as I have revisited my eve-online mod And will be attempting to get ahold of Kalthaniell to try and get it rolling once more.

I think the issue here is not the ownership of the models and such. Since the mod is based on a copyrighted game both in name and content, to legally do so (to my knowledge) you would need permission from the owners of the game. And then there might be finacial costs involved in the rights to do so as well.

indeed, you would need a letter from CCP lawyers to avoid me potentially being sued. It’s a bit silly I agree.

Its not from the lawyers, I went directly to CCP and got an email from there public relations rep. If i can get back into the swing of things modding I’ll Defiantly send you a forward of the email.

Aha that is quite surprising, and impressive :smiley:

Heh, it took me a few tries and several return e-mails. “Sorry this is not my department’s responsibility please try (another e-mail address)” until i got to it but i did not give up. And this was going to be for another game called freelancer that the team i put together fell apart. But I am sure If i was to follow there guild lines of that e-mail for other game mods It would be ok.