MOAR feedback

I recently played a little in Democracy 3, and finished all countries at 200%. It was suprisingly fun considering theme, and simple UI, but great time, and good job for making such awesome game. I havent toyed with extra options like inherit conservatives and stuff. Maybe that would make game harder and different. So far US and German was a bit of strugle, but rest was rather smooth.

Here are some thoughs:

  1. Too rational electorate.
    Electorate is just too rational, and too wise. And do not have this feeling of angry mob of diletantes. You can strip them from all benefits, giving just a minor benefit to blur the situacion and they are just fine. I could tae away labor laws, maternity/child benefits, govertment housing, half of pension or health care just like that, and nobody bats the eye. o.0

Solution: Riot everywhere. Each time there is a big fluctuacion in one group support pops up a riot, not becouse it is poor or unemployed, just becouse it can, and something was taken from them. You cant take away some big benefit in one step without some major backslash. So the way to go is painfull and long, each time you take something away need to give something else, and instead of one big step divide it into many terms.

  1. Every nation wins the same way.
    While starting situacion is different in 2 terms each my country ended the same. There is no enought drag which will make countries different. Each country ended with:
  • Balanced Labor law
  • No child benefits, and 1/2 maternity
  • No gov housing, and minimal pension.
  • Max police, and intelifence. And basic web censorship.
  • Around 40% of income tax (but sometimes 30% income and 30% flat)
  • All type of technology boosts to max And education as much too.
  • All type of small bisness (and rural investment) max.
  • Food stamps, eye patching, school food, and child play (dont remember name) max
  • Religion wiped out
  • as much green energy as possible, and a lot of bus substitutes.
  • reduced military
  • Minority Toleration Act
  • Junk food tax (ok this one is not needed but for pure lolz :slight_smile: )
    (sorry if i messed some names)
    Maybe some of them are just good. But nevertheless all this in 2 terms, Quite too fast.
  1. Max investment
    Most of the times when it comes to smaller programs it ends with just giving max payment and it anyway ends well. Maybe it is accurate. Or maybe there should be some double non linear dependence. One things is that after some point extra cash goes for gold latch, the other thing is that every effect can have optimum in different point. For example capitalism can tolerate some unemplyed benefit to some degree, but after some point they will just go mad. However i admit there is a problem of finding optimum for each value.

  2. World is changing too fast.
    Some acts takes too short to get effective. I understand that alcohol limit is more or less instant. But technology? Education? This is the real pain of democracy that even if you do something good, in yout term you will pay for it, but benefit will come in next term. (possible on account of opposition)

  3. Debt is a one way highway, but who cares.
    When i drop into debt i havent notice any way out, the hit to GDP is massive, and all time increasing debt payment are not helping at all. But who cares. You can have debt all the times, and there is no problem. At some point there should be some international anticrisis program which will give us a second wind, or some more forced game over. At some point there will be just no more people willing to credid our debt. And there should be forced cut in all spending. Just no more money for programs. It will be like painfull game over, but very educational.

  4. Tax over 100%
    I havent go so far, however im suprised how easly electorate accept 70% + taxes. And there is just not much reason to stay low.
    I also miss position off “Good Consumptions” or “savings”. It seems that if we dont harvest electorate all this money just gone somewhere (under pillows). It just dont feels right. The game seems to favor some social democracy order, and there is not much place for liberal dream.

  5. Infrastructure. I feel that should matter a little more. It seems that all it does is reducing car usage and polution which is nice. But at least intuitive good roads should benefit production (logistic) or even trade.

  6. Rich Tax, there could be more options to harvest a little more rich. There is this lux goods tax, and tax shelter, but both this options seems to be too easy to win. (shelter is just good, and lux tax is just bad)

Maybe there is some more, but this is stuff i remembered so maybe it is most noticable.

I’ll put my opinion here too:

1)Yes I agree, after bird flu outbreak, I go for max pro-employer labour law, then I max pro-union to keep unionist happy and prevent assassination, then company exodus develops and I change it back to max pro-employer but the unionist are still highly trusting of me and no riots for such a flip-flop in policy.

2)How I play in the event I’m not trying to steer my country in any direction and try to keep everyone happy, works on all countries, may need adjustments depending on difficulty. Even so I have never managed to get all green, my best record is 14 green and the rest yellow.
-60% income tax, 75% max carbon tax
-technology boost just enough to get high-tech nation situation, don’t want to cause internet crime
-racial discrimination act and community policing, low capital, low cost, pure benefit.
-try to max everything that boost gdp without hurting voters too much
-others more of a case by case toggle
-I actually max out military to get unemployment down and since I got the cash

3)Debt is only a one-way when you don’t bother about it early on. I solved America’s debt in 1.5 terms but this is on 100% difficulty

4)I also hate the idea of depending mostly on income tax and flat tax for income. I want to be like Vatican City, tax free nation. I tried to cut most tax and reduce expenditure but this causes other problems like technology backwater, uncompetitive economy, contagious diseases, homelessness etc

5)I also hate how easily it is to get brain drain when I go for luxury tax, mansion tax or other rich tax.

6)I hope we can get involved in politics in the future and not just governance, like launching political campaign, debates, shaking hands and kissing babies.

7)Oh and when I start the mission, it says I have just been elected but why is my starting popularity always 10-20%, how do I even get elected with such a low popularity.

Just to precise i was meaning that Debt Crisis (the red one) is one way ticket. The normal debt could be controled, and just fluctuates with global economy, as soon as you cut some expences, and boost your technology a little. Im kinda missing some international save programs or just everything shutting down.