Hi, I just stumbled onto this game.

I just stumbled onto this game when another site mentioned it, and played the demo a couple of times. It seems complicated, and I’m not sure I understand everything, but it’s interesting. I may or may not buy the full game, and it’s hard to tell how well I’d actually do with the limited time the demo lets me play. I was able to remove some problems, but I’m not sure how to reverse the debt.

It’s just the demo, so there’s not a whole lot I can do. It seems quite interesting. I do worry that the game will wind up taking extremes with my decision.

I once played a game where you run a country by answering questions. You get issues, and respond to them, but I left the game because the result wasn’t what I want. as an example, I was asked if older people without enough retiring funds should be put back to work. I said yes, and the result was old people being put in heavy labor jobs. That’s obviously not what I meant. There are a lot of jobs an 80 year old man can do that doesn’t include carrying support beams at a construction site or something.

I also made a decision to let big businesses go overseas in the hopes that it would help small businesses, but the result was all businesses being cracked down on until the only ones left were lemonade stands.

I hope this game isn’t that extremist.

I kind of wish this game was free, but I suppose the devs need money to help with the project. It’s an interesting idea, and maybe I’ll pay for the full version.

Edit: So do all the countries start out with several problems including a deficit? Or just the one they let you play in the demo? I suppose it’s realistic to have some problems, assuming you’re not just running because the other guy went through his/her maximum number of terms.

Edit: I know people are looking at this thread, even though they’re not posting. I have something new to say. I forgot about that menu that lets you begin new ideas like subsidies and such, which really helped my GDP problem. Just start a bunch of stuf, but leave the slider alone, and it helped me get out of debt.

The game is not extremist in that respect, the most major issue I have with the full version is the quotes and lack of private sector incorporation into the game.

you should purchase the full game…

Its addicting…

I am playing Malaganga country - a country full of debts, bad economy and serious health issues like asthma and contagious diseases…

Till now I have played it couple of times but all time failure :frowning: