[Mod] Centralization

This mod introduces a new uncancellable policy, named Centralization. The levels are Confederation, Federation, Home Rule, County Councils and Unitary.

High Centralization upsets Liberals, Farmers and Ethnic minorities, but pleases State Employees, and increases Productivity. It also increases Racial Tension, and gives a long-term decrease of Liberals and Ethnic Minorities.

It also includes new mission files with appropriate Centralization values: USA (0.2), UK (0.4), Germany (0.4) and France (0.8).

Please provide feedback!
Modcentralization.rar (21.7 KB)

Considering to add a cost for low centralization levels, to simulate the extra cost of local government, and provide an incentive to centralize (though unpopular). Possibly, Centralization should also increase Rail Usage. What do you think?

I agree.