[Mod] Corruption Mod v1.1

Corruption Mod


Corruption Mod v1.0:
Added Anti-Corruption Department as a policy
Added Corruption Blue icon
Added Corruption Situation

Corruption Mod v1.1:
Added icon to Anti-Corruption Department policy

How to Install: Copy Corruption and data folders into your Democracy 3 Folder
Corruption Mod v1.1.rar (16.7 KB)

New Version

Corruption Mod v1.1:
Added icon to Anti-Corruption Department policy

how do I install it in steam? It doesnt appear to be working

Hi there, there are instructions on how to do that in this post:

Hi there. I’m a big fan of your work. the corruption mod repensent an big step in the game that make it more realistic. I was wondering though is that possible to fix some stuff. because i dowload the Polish mod that also include a corrution simulation and anti-corruption policies and i think that will be a great idea if both policies was melt in one. i’ll explain my self, in the corruption.v1 mod the corruption affect middle and wealthy income and is bring down by the anti corruption département. in the file include in the Poland mod, the corruption only touch poor and middle income and not affected by nothing. So even if i know you cant do much for the poland Mod is that possible to have a Corruption mod that will affect most negatively GDP,and in little time middle and wealthy people while in the same time that is affecting positively organised crime and an anti-corruption departement that in puting down corruption affect positively middle income, GDP and youth. that'll be Awesome :-) ive try to done it by my self but after 20h straight i give up. sorry for the poor english i’m a french-canadian but still realy enjoy your work :stuck_out_tongue:

Your English is nearly spot on actually but department is the word. Departement is a region of France like a state of America or a province of Canada etc.

How is corruption affected? I’ve watched it in three playthroughs and it never really seemed to evolve or affect the game.

Hmmm… it seems like this mod doesn’t “communicate” with Celebis complex mod.
Celebis mod seems to be never this one, and it has Corruption as situation.
This mod has corruption as simulation.
Or this mod is obsolete by now?