[MOD] EFP: More Dakka Edition v1.0!

[size=150]This is the Official launch and update thread for the Extended Fleet Project[/size]
Kindly use courtesy, and do not attempt to steal work for your own, whether it is mine or someone else’s. thank you.

Cliffski, for making the game in first place
Eich, for inspiring my own ships
darkstar076, for the original Bigguns mod, with its numerous turrets.
that guy who created the easy turret editor way back in the day and got me started on this whole thing…
cue fanfare

The Extended Fleet project presents its first official release, version 1.0!
What the mod contains:
two new weapons for Alliance, three new weapons for the Federation, A fiendish weapon for the Order, a battleship cannon for the Rebels, and two new weapons for the tribe.
the ‘Extended’ ships, all of which are visually larger than their unenhanced counterparts, and fairly well-balanced against each-other.
new modules, including improved target-boosters and point-defense scanners, as well as Super power plants and several shields, both new and familiar.
two custom federation models by TDN shipyards, complete with damage textures, targets and hulks!
numerous new weapon effects, including a new bullet effect!
some new sounds, mixed by TDN Shipyards,

and finally, this readme!

Warnings: this will not work without the order and the tribe. there is also some file replacement in the main data folder, so if you haven’t already, I recommend you back-up your installation prior to installing.

Installation Instructions:
Put the folder labeled ‘TDN’ into your GSB directory.
in the ‘installs’ (data/installs) directory, create a new text file labeled…something. go nuts. it’s the bit that gets put inside that’s important:

path = TDN

that’s it.

replace the race files (for the feds, alliance, empire, and rebels this is data/races, for tribe it’s tribe/data/races) with the ones provided.
go into the effects folder(data/bitmaps/fx) and replace the bullet texture with the one provided.
that’s it. you’re done. go have fun!

kindly provide feedback in the other thread. thank you.

Version 1.0

Congrats on releasing this mod :slight_smile: