[Mod] Electricity Mod v0.5 [WIP]


DLC or no DLC, that is the question

  • no DLC
  • Social Engineering
  • Extremism
  • both DLCs

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Since the dawn of mankind civilizations need energy, today is the day the countries of Democracy 3 must no longer rely on oil-eating power generators
(or whatever they use to produce electricity)

[size=125]what do you get?[/size]

[size=125]current Version[/size]
emod 0.5.zip (145 KB)
icons missing, some descriptions missing

If you are playing without DLCs,
stick to the Nightly Builds, NON-DLC version will probably come
OR download the current version and ignore the error messages
emod.zip (130 KB)
emod se.zip (129 KB)

also, are there any mods you use that won’t work together with mine? let me know i’ll have a look and see if it’s possible to get them running

[size=120]former versions[/size]

[size=110]UPDATE 02/06/2014[/size] v0.5

  • some new test policies
  • Total Primary Energy Production
  • Total Energy Consumption
  • Total Balance of Trade
  • Energy Imports
  • Energy Exports
  • Energy Intensity of GDP
  • Coal and Gas Price/Demand/Supply
  • Urea Bioreactor Elektrochemical System
  • Floating Nuclear Power Station
  • Floating Wind Turbines
  • Space Solar Power Station
    known bugs
  • missing icons, descriptions
  • (simulation might creep out)
  • some policies could have no effect
  • policies tend cost the same
    [size=110]NIGHTLY BUILDS 28/04/2014[/size] v0.4999…
  • some new
  • some deleted
  • revised Energy Production Sim
  • revised Energy Price Sim
  • revised Private Energy Sector
    known bugs
  • no icons, descriptions
  • simulation might creep out
  • some policies have no effect
  • policies tend cost the same
  • there is a small chance you will never get enough electricity[/size]
    all in all lots of work to be done like
  • revision of Demand Sim
  • fine tuning etc
    special thanks to SenZe for his ideas

[size=110]UPDATE 31/10/2013[/size] v0.3
[size=90]- some tuning to equations

  • implemented testmod simulation
  • Nuclear Energy Tax Credits
  • Fossil Energy Tax Credits
  • Nuclear Energy Subsidies
  • Fossil Energy Subsidies
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Fossil Energy Production
  • Nuclear Energy Production
    known bugs
  • fossil/nuclear subsidies and fossil tax credits have no icon
  • simulation might need about 2 rounds to stabilize[/size]

[size=110]UPDATE 27/10/2013[/size] v0.2
[size=90]- icons (except for situations)

  • energy price shock
  • clean energy tax credits
  • electricity tax
  • energy price
    other changes
    some changes to equations[/size]

[size=110]RE-UP 26/10/2013[/size] v0.1a
[size=90]- fixed path in emod.txt
(thanks to joaco335)[/size]

[size=110]UPDATE 26/10/2013[/size] v0.1a

  • monorail fixed
  • science funding no longer demands energy
  • military spending demands energy
    (thanks to scylfing)
  • influence of demand on supply lowered
  • higher start value for supply[/size]

[size=110]UPDATE 21/10/2013[/size] v0.1
probably the best change ever:
[size=125]you no longer need to overwrite core game files[/size]

  • energy shortage (new effect on gdp)
  • energy demand
  • energy supply
  • energy transmission loss
  • private energy sector
    original core policies
    same as before, some slight changes to equations[/size]


I prefer not to install this just yet if it’s altering the core files; perhaps when it’s closer to completion.

Working from your initial post and a quick read of the attached zip, this is certainly an ambitious mod! A few comments at this point:

  • You’ve discussed lots of factors which (eventually) determine the energy price. What do you see the outputs of energy price being? I’d suggest that cheap energy probably boosts GDP, reduces poverty and energy efficiency, and pleases Everyone?

  • It seems that there’s too many factors determining energy demand. GDP is going to be the obvious main driver; energy efficiency obviously reduces. I can’t imagine that running a few CCTV cameras will have a nationwide power draw? With regard to the particle accelerators: the LHC has an annual draw of 1,000 GWh when in full running (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_co … onsumption).

  • I’m not particularly familiar with the Energiewende, but if I understand correctly, it’s a levy on energy bills to fund green technologies? How would you implement this in game? The expenditure linked to it is already simulated by Clean Energy Subsidies/Microgeneration grants. Would it be a new green tax? Is this redundant with the CO2 tax?

  • Fossil fuel subsidies are already in the game, so you might want to look at updating that. Similarly, the Winter Fuel Subsidy. There’s been discussion recently in the UK about whether the government should intervene to artificially force energy suppliers to not increase their prices excessively; possible dilemma material? What about an event triggered by poor foreign relations whereby a neighbouring country turns off a gas pipeline, hitting energy supply (here’s looking at you, Vladimir!)

All in all, an interesting proposition. I think the main thing is to work out what impact you see the final energy price having; keep it coming!


i ran a quick legislative period and threw in mostly everything wich affects my mod, made some screens and here we go:

since it’s all a game of me and the equations fighting for realistic effects, it’s probably the best idea to wait until it’s almost ready^^

as you can see in the picture, the high energy price affects the gdp negatively, if the price is lower it boosts but till now i never got it down far enough
the effects on the low, middle and high income are still messed up, but your idea about everyone getting happier seems way better than my approach to affect low,middle and high income
reducing energy efficiency and poverty while the price is low seems pretty neat, think i will take that^^

this is what energy demand looks like at the moment, as it is now, science funding will reduce energy demand to a certain slider setting (maxes to around 4-5% plus on energy demand), but i think you made a point here. i forgot to implement the cctv cam policy (in the pic), but the effect on energy demand is very low, way smaller than science fundings effect
as you can see telecommuting initiative has a way to big impact on energy demand as it is now (think it’s around 25-30%)

i must confess i haven’t thought about how to implement this.

i have thought about it all over the night, and i think i will try to do it as a policy which boosts Clean Energy Subsidies/Microgeneration Grants (and perhaps Technology to some extend), if possible, lower the private energy sector for a short time but in the end it should boost power supply to new heights by lowering or leaving co2 emissions steady. it would also have to upset capitalists for having to shut down their nuclear/coal/gas power stations while environmentalists would be like “dancing on the streets”
as soon as i have some time i will try to work it out
[here are some infos about the transition if you’re interested in what “bundesmutti merkel” tries to do (definitely the right way imho, eventhough the implementation is more like a huge pile of mess right now) -> energytransition.de]

haven’t seen fossil fuel subsidies in my version (1.06 mac) if it should appear, as i read in the forum today, i would be pleased, keeps me from doing it by myself
the dilemma idea and event seem pretty sweet, i will give it a try an see how it works out

private energy sector

the effects on low and middle income here are like the ones from the energy price, lot’s of work to do^^
energy supply

thanks alot^^


Hi, I am very interested in this mod. It sounds like you are planning to edit the core game files for the mod, but the next patch, will (hopefully) include an ability for you to not need to do this. In other words, the patch will allow mods to include ‘default scripts’ which can either edit, or entirely remove or add new effects between items. Theoretically you could use that system to totally re-write the core game files without touching them.
Like I say, I’m still working on this, but I suspect it will make your life easier for implementing such a mod.


i think it would actually make this easier, at the moment i have installed d3 twice, a clean install and one for the mod in all it’s modified core file glory.
looking forward to the patch, sounds like a great idea

btw, props for the game, couldn’t wait to get it.
best part is how you can alter the files while playing to immediately see what the change would be like (never tried this in d2, so i don’t know if this is a “new thing”, but i like it

this has nothing to do with this mod, and perhaps someone else already pointed it out, but the mac version (1.06) came to me with no icons for recreational drugs tax and legal drug consumption


Yup those icons were missed when we did the port…they are coming :smiley:
In the general discussions forum I posted about the upcoming changes that will allow a mod to have its own overrides which act globally, which will enable you to leave the original files untouched. I hope to release this in just a few days.


Ok check this out… viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8579


to all those of you who have downloaded the mod, let me ask you some questions:

  • what do you think so far
    • what is great
    • what is total crap
  • what did i not mention but should be added
    any suggestions and/or criticism (etc.)?


[size=150][BUG][/size]None of the icons show up. They show up as black squares


this happens because there are no icons like i said in not done till now


Sorry, but your list of things is a little messy


this is indeed the case


I have some feedback from trying to get this mod to work.

Science programs shouldn’t add great amounts of electrical demand in and of themselves - maybe a tiny effect, completely swamped by their energy efficiency boosts. The military, on the other hand, should be a little bit painful. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_usage_of_the_United_States_military

The monorail calculations are causing errors. Test it out in game - the bar moves crazily. The game crashed immediately after I next advanced the turn (after putting in monorails), but I was not able to reproduce this behavior.

Technology should boost energy usage. Energy shortages should sap technology. They should sap productivity too, but only a little bit. Reduce the direct-to-GDP penalty for energy shortages if you take this advice.

None of the new policies seem to work. Some of the new simulations don’t.

I hope my post is helpful.


every feedback is appreciated

i think i will kick this effect completely

this is superb, never thought of this until now, thanks a lot

haven’t seen this before, but i see what you mean (crazy as shit energy demand, most of the time 0% and all of a sudden above 20%), will take a look at it. the game didn’t crash when i tried it, so no idea what’s the cause of this

i will try how it works out and probably take the idea

the policies are currently inactive, so is the energy price simulation, all the other simulations work for me

it sure is, thanks


so i’ve been working on this update for some time now and as it gets completed more and more
what do you think about it so far

what is done
14 policies
37 simulations (13 hidden/24 visible)
2 situations


  • ca. 6-7 policies
  • ca. 3-4 situations (probably more)
  • events, attacks, dilemmas
  • icons, descriptions

test emod.zip (128 KB)


Looks interesting! However, are all these new simulations and policies needed?

I work on a mod with just two new policies (Nuclear Power and Coal Mining), and one new situation (Environmental Protests).


New mod will be up this evening! Still having some trouble with events/dilemmas, though.


all the extra sims are not necessarily needed for the mod to work,
at some point i just started to combine many parts of the vanilla game, like i did before with the energy demand and supply.
demand and


currently look like this. there are some background sims also having an influence on the outcome like the efficiency sims, which simulate the energy conversion efficiency of each way to produce energy. out of a mood i startet doing this for unemployment

where everything that has a negative influence on unemployment or a positive influence on the number of state employees is bundled and sorted into civil or government jobs and the job sim then directly influences unemployment. some background sims are having an influence on the actual outcome here, mostly it’s gdp (but there’s also a random unemployment sim to spice it up a bit). it surely is far from perfect, especially the jobs unemployment interaction is sometimes pretty wacky, but as far as it is i have to say i like it.
so long story short, no they are not needed, but i liked the idea of combining more parts of the game to get a cleaner interface (like a (super)sim collecting all influences, and from there you can go down some levels to the single influence). i think it simply is a question of taste


Hey bankrot,
thanks for that awesome mod. I am, too, very interested in energy stuff and i would love to see this mod completed. Is it still under active development? I can also offer german translation of your flavour texts, if you want.


Yes the mod really adds some cool stuff to the game. Please finish it :slight_smile: