[MOD] Foreign Affairs / Foreign Policies

List of countries, which get the Foreign Affairs Mod:

Germany: Click here: Foreign Affairs Germany - Version 1.1 Beta
United States of America: In development
United Kingdom: In development
Australia: In development
Canada: In development
France: In development


This topic will show you the current developing status of my ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’ for specific countries.

The Foreign Affairs Mod is designed and works better without DLCs to have a high compatibility with other ‘Democracy 3-versions’.
I am planning for further versions the support of the DLCs to have new possibilities for the gameplay.

For each country I have to redesign and update the stats and policies. After downloading the mod, please play with the new implemented country, which has always the following title-structure in the game: ‘Name of Country (Foreign Affairs Mod)’


The modification ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’ implements a new and unique simulation component for the vanilla game ‘Democracy 3’.

This modification includes a model and some features to have a heavy instrument to simulate foreign affairs, foreign policies and events, which affects the relationship between countries etc…

For some time I make a try to find a suitable model for the vanilla game to have a simulation of foreign countries, which affects my playable state.

For such a model like this, I had two ways, to create a suitable simulation:

  1. Develop only a general model, which affects all playable countries in the vanilla game in the same way
  2. Develop a unique model for each country (Germany, France, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.), which is playable in ‘Democracy 3’

By developing a model, I decided to follow the second way, which means a higher input of programm-codes, but this model have the best ability to simulate a customized simulation for foreign affairs for each country in my point of view in comparision with a general model.

To simulate the relationship between the countries all over the world, I choose the way to simulate the continents ‘Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania’, which affects the playable country in specific ways.

If you would like to have a unique model for foreign affairs for your new countries, which can be find here as a modification, please contact me and I will try to create a suitable model for your country.

Please read the description of each country in this thread here, which is updated by my mod.

Please give me suggestions and ideas to make this foreign-simulation component even better to have a new and great game-experience in ‘Democracy 3’.

General instructions to install the mod:

  • Download the zip-folder ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’ for each country, which can be find in the list above
  • Unpack the zip-folder into the main directory of ‘Democracy 3’
  • Copy the *.txt file (e.g. foreign_affairs_germany) into the ‘Democracy 3 mod-folder’ (/data/mods)

Suggestions and ideas:

I think the best way to create and develop a modification, which affects the foreign affairs for each country, is to collaborate with you, the community.
So ideas and suggestions, especially for events and dilemmas, are very welcome. Feel free to publish your ideas for every country, which should be implemented in my ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’. I will try to find a possible solution ;).

Special thanks to you for your help to make this mod even better and to give you a new gaming-experience for the vanilla game of ‘Democracy 3’.

[size=150]Foreign Affairs Mod Germany 1.1 Beta[/size]

Latest Version: 1.1 Beta


This mod will create a new country (here: Germany), which is suitable designed for the Foreign Affairs Mod.
After installing the mod, please play with the new country with the title 'Germany (Foreign Affairs Mod)" to have the best game experience.


In my first try I develop the basic simulation model for the country ‘Germany’.
This modifcation includes all features and elements, which are mentioned in my first post here.

Please notice, that the current version is in the beta-phase to test the basement of the modification.

Implemented Events/Dilemmas:

  • Dilemma: Appeal to human rights to China

  • Dilemma: Supporting USA for Afghanistan

  • Dilemma: Climate Targets

  • Dilemma: Debt Crisis in Greece

  • Dilemma: Ebola in Africa

  • Dilemma: Immigration policy

  • Event: - NSA-Scandal

Planned - Features:


  • Import Tarrifs for each continent
  • Policy for immigration welfare
  • more in development


  • Sanctions from another countries, if the relationship with a continent is very low
  • more in development

General instructions to install the mod:

  • Download the zip-folder ‘foreign_affairs_germany’, which can be find in the list above
  • Unpack the zip-folder into the main directory of ‘Democracy 3’
  • Copy the ‘foreign_affairs_germany.txt’ into the ‘Democracy 3 mod-folder’ (/data/mods)

Suggestions and ideas:

As I said in my first post I would like to give you the possibility to make suggestions and ideas for my ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’, here for the country ‘Germany’.
To make this basic simulation model for Germany even better, feel free to publish your ideas for more dilemmas and events, which could affect the relationship with other countries etc…

I will implement your suggestions as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to your ideas. Special thanks to you for your contributing.
foreign_affairs_mod_germany.zip (733 KB)

Today I released the ‘Foreign Affairs Mod Germany 1.1 Beta’.

In this latest version I added the following features/elements:

You can find the instructions and the new mod-file above my post.
Feel free to make suggestions for new dilemmas, events etc… =)

For all, who have the Steam-Version of ‘Democracy 3’, they can download the first version of the ‘Foreign Affairs Mod’ from the steam-workshop now.

Steam-Workshop-Page: Click here

great idea ,but is missing some policies, such as African and Asian imperialism, the European Bank Loans, Military Help for North America. is also correct the balance, okay impossible to get a good continental relationship.

Your mods are all really good and a stuff that should already be in the vanilla game.
Do you ever think of creating a bundle of your mods, so that they affect each other?