[Mod] Housing and Debt

Here is a mod that contains two new variables (Commercial Housing and Consumer Debt), and one new situation (Housing Market Crash).

Commercial Housing: Caused by High Income. Decreased by State & Private Housing, Property & Capital Gains Tax and Rent Controls.
Decreases Homelessness and Private Housing. Makes Capitalists happy, and increases CO2 Emissions.

Consumer Debt: Caused by Private Housing, Car Usage, Gambling and Private Schools. Decreased by School Vouchers, Consumer Rights and Currency Strength.
Increases Poverty. Decreases Currency Strength. Upsets Socialists.

Housing Market Crash: Caused by Consumer Debt, Private Housing, Poverty and Property/Mansion Tax. Decreased by Consumer Rights, Mortgage Tax Relief and Middle Income.
Decreases Private Housing. Increases Homelessness. Upsets Retired people.

Changes in brief:
Private Housing is now caused by Poor and Medium Income. It increases the number of Capitalists.
Gambling increases Tourism (to offset debt effect).

Please provide feedback!
Modhousingdebt.rar (8.51 KB)

Really wish to this mod out but, after installing the mod and starting new game I get the following error:

I think its a great idea to add Stock Market simulation but when I installed the mod and started new game I got the follwing error:

Failed to find CurrencyStrenght for PrivateDebt,:.\src\SIM_Neuron.ccp 331

I’m having the same problem with the Stock Market mod.

Currency Strength was added by a recent patch. Be sure to upgrade Democracy 3 to the latest version.

The Debt simulation seems to be redundant, and will not be included in the next version.

Thank you! Once the game been update, mod works like a charm.