Updated to build 1.127

Hope you like this changes :smiley:


  1. Fixed incorrect count of party members in next turn screen when its very low.
  2. Steam now supports detailed status text when in game.
  3. Fixed broken in-game modding website link.
  4. Fixed support for loading in translation data for modded situations, sim values, events and dilemmas.
  5. Hopefully fixed a rogue red icon in the top left of the screen in some circumstances.
  6. Auto-switch to most powerful graphcis card if an nvidia or AMD card is rpesent
  7. Changed how labour laws are seen to affect strikes to prevent confusion.
  8. Respiratory disease now increases healthcare demand.
  9. Reforestation effect on the environment is now much slower to take effect
  10. A whole bunch of balance changes to make the debt crisis have a stronger effect at high levels.
  11. GDP has a more skewed impact on wages at a high level now.
  12. Slightly reduced the debt-immunity granted to the US due to being the worlds reserve currency.

The red icon is still there sometimes, unfortunately:

(Played on Win 10, 2560x1080, AMD Radeon 5700 XT)

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Debt crisis has almost no effect on inflation.
Its incapable of triggering hyperinflation.
Anarchocommunist Canada didn’t even notice it.

Manually triggered hyperinflation.
Its marginally worse now.

I won France with Debt crisis on first term, cancelled all taxation as soon as it appeared.

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There is a God and his name is @cliffski FINALLY I can play the game on my large monitor without the cursor disappearing or parts of the screen not being able to be viewed. Still slightly off at the bottom (see pic) but running 3840 x 2160 at 100% even though 150% is recommended I am beyond thrilled THANK YOU :clap:


Thanks for the feedback. Just need to track down the last cause of that icon. And it seems like I was much too conservative with my debt changes…


I just got that red icon in the top left corner for the first time this update. I was so hopeful that it was gone for good lol. I don’t know if it helps, but it appeared the same turn that I got one of those “situation is imminent” warnings regarding a negative situation. I couldn’t quite 100% tell, but I am fairly sure that the icon that appeared in the corner was the red icon for cyber warfare, which is the situation I got a warning for. I have no idea if there is a connection or not or if it was a coincidence, but it might be worth checking.

Definitely need to pump up the impact on inflation from debt crisis. I think at the end of the day, the ideal outcome from a gameplay perspective is that ruining your country and triggering a debt crisis/hyperinflation should make you unelectable. However, the negative impact on “everyone” can pretty much be negated by pleasing the other voter groups, since voters will always belong to multiple ones. So maybe the solution is to make debt crisis or hyperinflation have a huge negative impact on ALL voter groups at higher levels?