[MOD] New_Mod V0.4

The “New_Mod” is a work in progress, it will be released soon (DECEMBER)! With the help of you I have figured out how to make a good MOD for everyone!

Description- This mod does what the title is, Adds new stuff, we will add new voter groups, country’s, and policies! Anything that can be done will be done! I promise it will be worth downloading when it is ready!

Updates and data-
This is just the data! WHEN mod is released i will have updates!
5 policies
4 voter types
2 sliders
1 country
1 delimma
1 guide

I could be considered a people’s pleaser! I WILL, consider all your thoughts and keep you posted when i can! SO NOW IT IS UP TO YOU! Help me with ideas! I will release one, that “Blank” country y’all wanted, i have it made ;)! So that is the kind of things i am interested in, that and true politics!

Updated- Nov. 17, 2013 @ 9:41 USA EST. TIME!

Wanted to let everyone no the mod was updated to V3.1
DATE is still TBH!
And i still would like feedback to what everyone one wants new mod to include!

Date announced- December (PACIFIC DATE SOON)
Updated to V0.4!
Almost there everyone!!

What does the mod add?

what countries are in the plan?