Modding in a country (request welcome)


You can request any countries for future if you so wish.
I´m creating this treat for two reasons, to share my progress on my first mod for this game and any feedback on future updates.

I´m working on implementing Estonia first, yes I have a bias.
At the moment all the SVG files are done and I´m working on calculating and adding in policies, one thing to know is that I´m basing this mod on 2005 era Estonia, so you have more interesting game to try and go with the times through Estonia, adding events and such, this will take some times as I have to go through some mayor events that shook Estonia from 2005 - 2021 (I might add the virus if I can get it working somewhat, no promises tho, because as far as I know you cant really time the events and they are random, so I´m trying to add different interesting events so you have good replay value)

Adding new event images will be a little more difficult as it looks like the standard png files are behind .pak file, so I´ll have to try and match the style with what I see in game.


Hello fellow estonian pengu as personal bias is allowed then are you able to implement Romania? First come, first serve :wink:

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Hey :slight_smile:

Sure, it will take me at least a month to actually research and then compile it into a mod, but I’ll add it to my list. I’ll start researching Romani (i like doing that sort of googeling and reading anyway) and then I guess I’ll slowly build a mod. I’ll tag you when the first version will be online for testing, but again, give it a month or two, as I am studying Electrical Equipment Technology and Development, so with school work don’t hope for quick mods. Keep an eye out on steam workshop aswell, as maybe someone will beat me do it :smiley:


With the new modding tools, it should be much easier to get this done. All the best.