[MOD] The Exiles NPC WIP

[size=85]Ladies and Gentlemen, i have the pleasure to present:[/size]

[size=150]The Exiles History:[/size]
A new faction has been registered. Seemingly conformed by a group of exiled members of a race known as The Order, the “One True God” believers. But this bunch of fanatics have a different and much mercyless version of The One True God.

They believe that The Order has lost its true way to the illumination by considering themselves the owners of the whole creation, as a gift from the One True God. They believe that they are the chosen ones with the holy task of judging if we deserve the right of the illumination.
It’s quite simple, if we do, they provide a way to leave our bodies. And if we don’t, they just kill us by using their holy tools; the biggest infantry weapons ever seen, equiped on even bigger, cruiser-sized mechs called “Wanzers”.

No one knows were they found the resources to make those huge war machines, but their technology is quite similar to the one used by The Order, except for a few details, like the device that emmits some kind of repulsion force that does’t lets to any big ship to get too close to their holy tools.
The efforts of The Order to eradicate them were ineffective, and those fanatics are starting to get too powerful… avoid them… at ANY cost!

Author Note: Any spelling check is welcomed!

[size=150]The Exiles Backstory:[/size]
I’m a huge fanatic of those single-pilot mechs frecuently seen in the Anime world. So, why not? Lets give to GSB some giant mechs! That was how this new faction (previously called “Wanzers!”) started to take its part on the gratuitous war.
At the moment i’ve created 2 mechs, around 10 different weapons and a support drone, and in my opinion, they look awesome.
And you may be thinking… “-Why NPC mod?! I want to play with those mechs!”. Well, that’s the main flaw of this mod, it’s “graphical mechanics” make the hull design sceen a bit confusing, some hardpoints are hard to reach, and it’s even harder to make a working fleet deployment due the sprite sizes. Thats why i’m focusing in making for this mod a bunch of scenarios and suvirvals in were you will be only begin able to fight against The Exiles, a group of crazy fanatics that like to vaporize our bodies to the “illumination”, in the name of a badass version of The One True God. Hope you like it when it’s done!

[size=150]To Do List:[/size]

General Modding:
> Module Making: Covered By Me
> Turrent Graphics Making: Covered By Me
> Design of Hulls: Covered By Me
> Making of Damage/Hulk versions: Covered By Me
> Hull Coding: Covered By Me
> Scenario Making: Waiting to deal with everything else xD

Ship Classes Making:
Drones:_______________Target= 3 Designs= 2 Functional= 1
Wanzers:_____________________Target= 4 Designs= 2 Functional= 2

Functional Hulls Count:: 11
Functional Modules Count:: Pending

[size=150]Current Version: 0.60[/size]
v0.5 - Modules Created [size=85]<<0.60% Complete>>[/size]
v0.6 - Turret Graphics / Weapon FX complete [size=75]<<60% Complete>>[/size]
v0.7 - Ships coded in [size=85]<<75% Complete>>[/size]
v0.8 - Missions Complete [size=85]<<0% Complete>>[/size]
<<Last call for new Modules / Weapons / Ships / Missions / Content>>
v0.9 - Balance Modules / Weapons / Ships / Missions
v1.0 - Remove Unused files and RELEASE !

[size=150]Download Link:[/size]
Stills as WIP :wink:

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Moddb Page:

Thanks for your attention. This post will be updated… sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: Last Update: Jan 29 of the 2013.
[size=85]If you want to help, you can tell me via PM.[/size]

Yeah! Mecha!

I think the question every specie ask is: Who are the Mechajocks?
And how can I get my bullet in his head?

Gratuitous Mech Battles IIIIIIN SPAAAAAAAACE.</cheesy sci-fi voiceover>

I like it :slight_smile:

[size=85]Yes, I know my tags aren’t at all valid :P[/size]

In order to actually contribute something, here’s a link to a previous mecha mod attempt I stumbled on just now. It’s not really an attempt at actually producing a mod, just some basic and incomplete ideas that were tossed around. Maybe there’s something there that will give you a tiny bit of inspiration (though as it’s you, Praetors, I’m sure you don’t need any inspiration stacking on top of your own :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Our man Praetors is a dynamic titan of activity. I have no doubt that even if he’s momentarily short on free time, he has no shortage of unusual ideas bubbling around in his mind. Onward, Wanzers! I wonder what form of in-game functionality your creator will choose to provide for you?..ahhh, there’s nothing quite like the scent of a new mod. :smiley:

First post updated, i’ve been working on the mod ^^
Now you can check the progress of the mod making, i will try to keep it updated, as with all my mod pages.
Without counting the amusing writting horrors, do you like what you see? Thoughts?

Here is the old demostration pic, just in case you liked it:

As you can see, i’ve added a new wanzer hull “The Heavy Wanzer” it will be quite harder to kill, and will pack the heaviest weapons. Of course, it will have a slower moving speed than the Medium Wanzer, wich packs assault weapons. Another addition is the “Power Sphere”, a luminous drone that provides anti-fighter support to the big guys.

Also, the flag of The Exiles (the first image in the main post) has a description:
<<The white warrior (a white wanzer), it is the Purificator. The Holy Tools that the One True God gave to the Exiles.
The green eyes. Symbolizes to the human/alien/insect/etc eyes, more exactly to the chosen warriors that serve to the One True God as judges of the universe.
The Red light above the white warrior. The omnipresent Eye of The One True God, wich provides to the best chosen warriors/judges with the definitive illumination. Its not casual that the best warriors have a single red glowing drone lurking around their holy tools, it represents The Eye and protection. As a gift of the one true god for sacrifying their lives to serve to Him.>>

Thoughts? :B
Hope you like it, see ya all later!

Progress Report:

> Guardian drone added, it will provide of fire support against fast ships
> The Illuminated One wanzer added. As it name says, it is a holy warrior that reached the illumination. Thus, it will be pretty powerful…

Just a question… i’ve been trying to give to the Illuminated One a superweapon that involves convergence = 1, but doesn’t matters what i do, the beam doesnt works as the Swarmy Disruptor Beam does… what i’m doing wrong? There is something to take in count when using convergence wich i’m forgetting?

The only thing I can think of offhand is that the convergence only occurs when the target is in front of the ship - and the angle spread that counts as “in front of” isn’t all that wide. Could that perhaps be the source of your issue?

Is the problem with the race so bad you couldn’t just slip it in as a player race too? The thought of having mechs just puts an evil smile on my otherwise neutral face. >:)

How do you make the graphics for the ships/mods?

Any tricks of the trade that you could teach me? :3


Exiles VS Preator Ind.!

I am thinking that AcePalarum has nailed the reason.

But if you thin that the angle is not the issue than the only other ideas i have at this point in time are:

  • Ensure that your Illuminated one has a Turrent Slot with Multiple points
  • Copy the Disruptor Weapon from the Swarm (but change the name and race restriction) and use that to see if it works on the Illuminated one.

Well… yeah, i can easily make it a playable race. I just have to change some numbers, and add a short guide about how to equip the wanzers (hulls/mechs/ships) with their modules.
But forget about balancing, that is something that will take some time that i dont have right now… I’m thinking on uploading 2 versions, the NPC one and the Playable one, the first will be released earlier than the second one :wink:

I tend to like to open every existent hull graphic (i have all of the vainilla, DLC and Mods hull graphics in a single folder) and then i just chose one and start playing with the edition tools, copy pieces from other hulls, make them fit togheter, mirror them to make the ship symetric (most of the time) and when the desing is done, i recolour it to fit with the colour scheme of the race. There is not much science on it, you just have to like what you do and use your imagination, the quality comes with experience, wich comes with just trying.

Praetorian Ind*<<< :B and… Hell yeah! =D

Checked… hmmm… my disruptor weapon stills shotting without convergence even when there is a perfect alineation…
I’m thinking that the problem might be relationed with the hull sprite size, not sure why…

Oh well, if i can’t fix it i will just change the concept of this holy superweapon :stuck_out_tongue:
The other problem that i’m experiencing is some kind of stability issue. After testing some wanzers in battle for around 10 minutes, the image stops, with the rest of my pc, lol. Then i have to reset it… i just hope it is a problem from my pc and not from the mod!

In other news, i’ve temporarly stopped the progress with this mod, i’m pretty focused on releasing Praetorian Ind. v1.2 will all of the new stuff =D

Pic Of The Day: My lastest Progress

A heavy wanzer with some artillery cannons and, just a shield? Nope! Surprise you tribe-ish fool! & The Illuminated one (and its impossible-to-make-converge superweapon fail) (wich will be replaced)

Due to PI Mod v1.2a and 1.2b updates, The Ghosts v1.0 Update, The Yoma Mod completion and other reasons, this mod got completely stopped, until my first try to make this:

Now the question that is burning my mind… wich type of weapon should it be?! Ideas welcomed!


Just… yay…