Deserters (MOD) 0.58 released!!

And jealous they were…

So they made their own babies. with the order:

heres a little backstory:
The deserters are former Order members that left the order because they did not agree with their beliefs. they stole some ships from the order and escaped order terretory. the order was pursuing them and crippled their ships badly. but the deserters managed to escape. they found a planet to make repairs. little did they know that this was the planet that the rebels used to store spare parts for their ships. so the deserters made modifications to their order ships.

feel free to post your own order/rebel designs :smiley:

you need The order expansion in order to play this mod.

alpha 0.58:
works with GSB 1.58 or higher

(for those of you who have not updated to 1.58)
alpha 0.5:
works with GSB 1.50 or higherWARNING: this version changes core files ( to be precise), but ive included a backup folder with the original file :wink:

-please remove any earlier version and ship designs when installing an update to avoid errors.
-extract the content in the rar file to your gsb folder.
-if you have any problems, dont be afraid to ask.

it is not entirely balanced, but please help me by telling me exactly how unbalanced :wink:


  • designer and inventor of the redeemer
  • designer and inventor of the redeemer main cannon
  • Letting me borrow the double beam FX

Archduke Astro

  • Inspiration for Inferno
  • Making of the Dreadnought Generator


  • designer and inventor of the citadel
  • designer and inventor of the sentinel

please report any problems and bugs.

If someone modded them up, i’d help them with the balancing of them. I quite like these!

You should give the whole ship a other
color. It’s nice but if it had a different color
it would be hardcore! If you make it as a MOD
I would be first in line.

I Agree! waitin’ for MOAR! :smiley:


Yep, this race need a new color: green, blue, red, gray, black, yellow, white already used… maybe violet? or orange? or both ;D or a another combination…
Right now im too lazy for suggest more options, but i can give you this crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it can be useful if you decide to change the colouring, anyways, GW! and Continue Working! :smiley:

i dont mean to nitpick but you should really check your spelling before you write a mod name and main description :stuck_out_tongue:

love the models,and i think the color scheme is just fine as it is… keep em comming :stuck_out_tongue:

please tell me what i spelled wrong :smiley: im not from any english speaking country XD

and i agree with you, the color shceme is good as it is, but it seems the majority of people wants me to change it…

“Deserters” etc :stuck_out_tongue:
i have no idea what browser are you using,but in both Opera and Firefox, the msg text box has spell checking enabled,underlining the words it doesnt know with red dots or something… not sure if you need a english operating system for that to work correctly with english tho… maybe just switching to english keyboard language will cover it
im not from a english speaking country either,but the interwebz has taught me well… since i was 8 :slight_smile:

and about that… well… ill put it this way
if you change the color scheme,i will haunt you at night,waiting for a single moment when you will drop your guard,and then i will plunge your heart out with a dull spoon :smiley:

seriously guys,grey/red is almost as sexy as black/red, GET OVER IT! ^^

fixd the deserter spelling. im using explorer and as far as i know it doesnt have the spell checking feature that you speak of.

errrm… okay ill keep the color scheme… spoon in the heart sounds pretty painful… thanks alot now i wont be able to sleep tonight!

finished up another ship:[attachment=0]Frigate_1.jpg[/attachment]

i need help with names for the ships.

anyone who wants to make a ship model can post it here and it will be in the mod.

i have decided that i will NOT change the color sheme, as i think the current one if fine and im lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

as usual commment, rate and subscribe :slight_smile:

u are on my black list… xD just kidding, my previous post was just a suggestion,the actual its fine ;D

hey, how much takes to you make 1 ship? because if you are posting the ships as soon as you finish it, you are going pretty fast :smiley:
I thought it took much more time xD

EDIT: maybe you are already working on it, but, you tryed asymetry? because the order use asymetric ships, the rebels not, maybe some mixes can be asymetrical ;).
anyways GW! again

LoL the frigate looks funny.
Its looks almost like a Ant’s head.

Call the frigate. Cobalt Frigate
Call the fighter. Mobius Fighter
Call the cruiser. Marzda Cruiser

I dont know If you like the names.

i dont finnish the ships, just the .dds
so i dont have any of the ships ingame yet.

really i think anyone with a little imagination can do these ships too. the only thing i do is:

open a order dds in and pick a hull part to start with (recomend a middle part, like a hull section or cockpit)

then i just add parts form differen hulls like engines, wings and misc stuff.

thats really all i do, so i think you can do it too if you want to…

those will do just fine. thanks, keep em comming :slight_smile:

alright im done…

im not verry satisfied with this one, but mabye thats just me…

comment, rate and subscribe :wink:

Man do you want names, look this:
Some are great.

yeah,challenge the stereotypes,but dont make a ship that will have a serious disadvantage just because of the design :stuck_out_tongue:
thats the one thing that always ****** me off on the Excalibur design in the Tauri mod… makes the ship much less effective because it has to stick its front out more,also makes any scramblers or PDs almost worthless on it…

This is my current attempt that i am working on . . . (i needed a break)

I am using Photoshop 7 . .

Basically i select half of the ship and make a copy, then flip it
Very good trick for when you want your ship symetrical

Nother Version

Ponyus is not a fan of the tractor beams, so i have removed them . .

sorry, i meant that i dont like the whole idea of the tractor beams actually holding the ship together.

seen from a tactical viewpoint, its actually retarded.

-we are the order, fear our TraCt0r8eaMz!!!

-fire EMP!

  • oh no our TraCt0r8eaMz are down! we are breaking apart!