[Mod] Wildlife & Animals Policies Mod [Work in Progress]

I’m currently working on a mod called “Wildlife & Animals Policies”. It focuses on issues related to animal welfare and wildlife protection with simulations, dilemmas, situations and events about various things like circuses, meat consumption and vegetarianism, animal protection, national parks, hunting, etc.

To date, it introduces:


Animal Welfare (Welfare)
Wildlife (Public Services)
Vegetarianism (Public Services)


National Parks Subsidies
Vegetarian Meals
Hunting Laws
National Agency of Animal Protection (Public Services)


Ban corrida
Animals in circuses

To be done:

  1. Add Policies: Fur Laws, Pesticides, Road Signs & Animal Barriers, Oceanographic Studies Center, Protected Species Listing, Minimal Living Surface,
  2. Add Dilemmas: Foie gras, Ivory import (or souvenirs).
  3. Add Situations: Abundent Wildlife, Ecological Devastation.
  4. Events: Disappearence of bees, Animal Resurrection, Minks escaped!
  5. Make sure Corrida is only available for France and Spain.
  6. Override Policies and Simulations: Environment, Environmentalist (and _freq), Plastic Bag Tax, Organic Farming Subsidies.
  7. Override Dilemmas: Ban Fox Hunting, Fishing Quota, Whaling.
  8. Adjust all modifiers*.
  9. Maybe a law about bears and wolves (in France only? In other countries?)
  10. Create a preview image (how?) and add to Steam Workshop.

Remarks −

  • I wish I could have created new groups: hunters, vegetarians, animal activists. It would’ve been easier and clearer. Without this option, I had to be a bit tricky and adapt every data so that it sounds credible.
  • *I wait for all the laws and stuff to be settled before adjusting the modifiers.

Please feel free to correct me on anything. I’m not English, so there might be some spelling mistakes. Any suggestions, ideas, corrections are welcome, especially policies which are specific to a country. :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading.
wildmod.zip (340 KB)

great mod, But I want to talk to someone who has the steam version, you have the steam version?