new big mod ^_^ - animal rights

I am working on policys, events, etc relating to animal rights and meat eating.

also votergroups like vegans, meat eaters, animal actitivts, etc.

The problem with modding voter groups is that you have to remove a current voter group, and all the referenses to that group.

So, you best bet is taking out a useless group (smokers is a good one, IMO.)

indeed. I dithered with the idea of removing smokers and replacing them when I was working on the game. the trouble is you can make them unhappy, but its hard to make them happy!

I guess ill remove smokers and drinkers, but I would really love a update allowing me to add votergroups without removing others. :wink:

So would I :smiley:.

Would open up a lot of modding possibilities.

And so would I also. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Voter Group thing the last big non-moddable aspect of the game.

trivial to do in code / sim terms. but what is the best way to handle the GUI?
I have all sorts of long term ideas concerning a semi-3D zoomable look to the game, where you would effectively have infinite complexity to the damned thing. I guess thats memories of the nfinite Polygon Engine rubbing off on me…

I was thinking about just simply having a few scroll buttons on the main page.

Also, modding manifesto promises and achievements would be nice.

I’ve wanted to add voter groups since the first game. I have to agree that the best way to do this without changing the overall GUI would be to add a scrollbar.

I was hoping for a animal rights group in democracy as a vegan animal rights activist…

I am glad there were several issues such as banning battery cages and animal testing but still disappointed =/.

It doesn’t appear to be very easy to edit voter groups =/