(SUGGESTION) Animal Welfare?

There are several dilemmas in the game where animal welfare is brought to the governments attention, animal testing and whaling being examples… So I thought it would be a cool idea to maybe have some policies for animal welfare and maybe have “Animal Welfare” as one of the situations - I believe they’re called? There could be several policies regarding animal welfare too…
Animal health standards- Sort of like the food standards agency?
Laws on circus/zoos? - the film “Blackfish” made me think about this, would your government allow animals to be captive or would your country have no animals in captivity? This policiy could anger capitalists but please liberals, environmentalists religious etc… It could also decrease/ increase tourism?
Factory farming laws? - Could go from no standards - inspection of animal health - free range/ organic only? (this would obviously improve citizens health slightly as it progressed and it may anger capitalists)
An Endangered Species Act? - Do your government want to help endangered species in your country/ worldwide or would they rather focus on other things?

There are plenty more policies that could be created too but these were the first that came to my head… Each could also bring their own dilemmas and events too! Low standards in factory farms could mean a recall on certain products (I seem to remember a factory farm in America had to recall its beef for some reason a few years back) or undercover investigators being disgusted by factory farming standards? Accidents/ fatalities with animals in captive environments? Extinction of a certain species? This mod could bring about a new extremist group too - one which resembles PETA who are well known for their outspoken stance on animal rights and threatening celebrities etc…

Anyone else have any suggestions?

That is a great idea! With your permission I would love to include that in my Russia Mod. I need to replace a policy anyway.

That sounds great! I’ve tried to do it myself but I really am rubbish when it comes to this kind of thing!