[MOD][WIP] P.E.A.C.H. New Race, Ships and Weapons

Fist time poster…
I’ve been playing around witht he game now for a month or so, and wanted to contribute something back to the community. So I have created a new race, new weapons and new ships.

So Please Evaluate And Comment Honestly…

The concept:
The Mining Consortium, asteroid miners who got left behind in the space race; they have tons of rock and ore, and have railgun technology…
with an old but perhaps familiar look and feel to them…

Flak weapons for Fighters, Frigates, and Cruisers
Shields for Fighters

Download the zipped file
includes psd files for all ships

Thank you.

The general idea looks great, the mod sounds great, however not so much those exageratedly big black edges… any ideas to make them smaller?

Thanks Praetors, I think that is part of me making the alpha channel of my DDS files I’ll take a closer look and then clean them all up.

Thanks for the feedback.

Someone mentioned alpha channels? I may be of assistance (in about 10 days- no acess to a computer with nesisary software right now).

I kind of like the art style to be honest, although it admittadly dosent blend well with GSB :frowning: although a miner race hasnt been done yet, could have some heavy mineing lasers in the back that they could use? :smiley:

what very short range, heavy damage kind of thing?

Well there’s a mining-based race on my mod to-do list, so I’ll share my idea of a weaponized mining laser:

Beam weapon, very thin beam, short range, 0 SP, 100 AP, short fire interval, low tracking, damage 2-4.

The idea is that being designed to carve up asteroids, this laser damn near ignores armor altogether. However, the beam is pencil-thin, and thus does very little damage. The low tracking is because, well, the thing was originally designed to cut through stationary asteroids.

With the proper crew/power/cost values, I think it would be an interesting and useful weapon.

Just my 2 cents.

And since that minning beam has a so slow tracking speed, what about making a weapon that, in cooperative work with the minning beam would give you a lot more chances to shot down fast ships? Like… idk… fast firing tractor beams? ^^

Updated the mod file…

  • Changed the graphics for the 3 ship types, psd files included
  • Removed the fighter modules, (flak cannon, and fighter shield; as it didn’t seem in keeping with the racial profile)
  • Added Cruiser Mining Laser
  • Added fast recharge Mining Tractor Beam

Can you appraise and PEACH?
Any other suggestions?

NOTE, the flak railguns will chew through friend and foe alike… careful of your ranges and positioning…

What about some heavy duty tractor beams for those larger asteroids! Also deployable asteroids and or mining bays that reduces the cost but weighs your ship down?