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Unfortunatly I forgot to bring my stuff needed for modding over to my parents for the weekend. Due to this epic failure I came to the idea that all of you eager modders out there may be in desperate need for more ship sprites. e.g. dreadnoughts and what not ever…

The rar files contain the 3 dds files needed for a normal ship. Of course you have to do the coding yourself :wink: I also included png files showing the damage model and the hulk alpha channel. So start working I want to see my ships flying :wink:

So as I said please post some feedback!

So here are some sprites for yall :wink:

[size=150]Download: [/size] megaupload.com/?d=Q38JGX2U

Eich, thank you. These look wonderful! Hey, did the first one escape from the Scavengers? (lol) Seriously, these add much-needed variety. I’m not presently able to work with editing .dds files on my computer so I’m at the mercy of kind creative souls such as yourself. I appreciate your effort!

The download link says that the archive is temporarily unavailable. Hopefully this will be corrected.

I would very much like to see additional hull sprites for other races…at the very least for Alliance, Rebel, & Empire. Tribe and Order would be nice but I request that the other three “core” races get them first. Please, please, please. :slight_smile:

How much work does it take to create one of these additional sprites? I am curious and of course I don’t want you to fall over from exhaustion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mh strange, the DL link should work, at least it does for me. It may be that ppl have surpassed their download limit with megaupload for one day if it does not work but dunno. Just try again or reboot your router… unfortunatly I can’t upload files larger than some 100 kb on cliffs page :wink:

Concerning the other races, yeah I will add ships for them too. But alliance and tribe may become somehow difficult but I will see. One ship does not take very long. At most 1 hour for design, damage model and hulk. The “repuzzeling” of the pieces does not take very long :wink:
Well I will try Empire next, let’s see what comes to my mind ^^

PS: Empire Cruiser do not always have to look like a circle, don’t they? ^^

PS2: I upped 3 Empire screens. Yet they are still just a lil teaser, the dds files will follow tomorrow. (By which I mean sunday around afternoon CEST ;))
I will also add png files of the *_damaged.dds and a png of the alpha channel of the *_hulk.dds for all of you who want to code the hulls without using the dds files. (If you can’t access the dds files due to whatever reason).
Yeah well so much for the moment, I’m out.

dude… excluding the very first one in my opinion… these ships look like 200x better than the stock ships
ESPECIALLY the empire ones

freakin awesome :slight_smile:
lately i feel like people are just taunting me to learn modding too, by posting their work :slight_smile:

That last Imperial ship looks fierce. Nice work!
You do know that by discontinuing the Circle theme you are commiting heresy, right? :wink:


well I upped 3 Alliance ships. And as I predicted it sucked to work withem. I really tried my best to be creative but as you all know, if something is not very motivating the outcome is not always the best. At least the first ship looks kind of neat I think.
I hope that the rebels will be more motivating again. To create Federation and Empire ships was really great. I should have spared the alliance for the end… :wink:

theyre nice enough imho :stuck_out_tongue:

hey do me a favor… please make the rebel designs look like theyre exceeding the speed of light even if theyre standing still in a hangar… :smiley:


Thank you for the additional ship sprites! These look fascinating.

One request for the Rebels: please consider making at least one design long & slender so that you can stack a LOT of them together tightly in a small section of the battle map. I love local firepower superiority. :smiley: A new hull shape for the Rebels somewhat like that of the Alliance “Python” is what I mean (minus the crazy armor spikes, lol).

Man thats a bummer Arch, I kinda love the spikes :wink: But consider it done.
Thunderbird, what exactly do you mean with that? That they should look kinda streamlined? Well I will see what I can do.
Expect the rebel update to come later this week. I’ve got a other project running too which I will continue tomorrow. Also I should start to work on the 3 seminars which I have to do for the university… Man it’s a though world… let’s hope I will reincarnate after I die, otherwise I will never get things done :wink:

PS: Keep the good ideas coming, good ol’ brainstorming helps me alot :wink:

The fault is mine…I thought that I was making a rather lame joke about how a Rebel ship wouldn’t need or want the spines that an Alliance ship would. I hope you didn’t think I was slamming your work with those challenging new Alliance sprites. I’m sorry if that’s the impression I made…I value and enjoy your efforts, Eich.

Best of luck to you for those university seminars!

streamlined,sexy,incredibly fast,maybe add some vinyls and hotrod red stripes and spoilers :smiley:
jokes aside… i always thought of rebel ships as “pocket battleships” on a fast chassis for hit-n-run strikes… they do look kind of fast and they do have some speed bonuses :slight_smile:
i`ll just leave that to your imagination,im sure you can come up with something pretty badass :slight_smile:

oh and good luck with your studies,if youre half as good there as you are with model making... im pretty sure that youll ace it :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of which archduke, (not to change the subject) but do you have plans for more dreadnoughts for the expansions? just wondering.

Hello, Hybrinoid! I do have such plans. The “Dreadnought Design Office” is still open, if behind schedule. Quality takes time. :slight_smile:

My dreadnought implementations for non-core races are slow because when I jump in, I want to get things done right rather than quick. Hell, ‘real life’ has been enough of a time-sink for me that I’m still chipping-away at my Tribe dreadnought project. :stuck_out_tongue: Those various additional DN-class vessels have been competing with my mental gymnastics concerning other, entirely new ship classes I have in the early simulation stages.

@ Arch, no no you misunderstood my lame joke, the catch was that I wanted to pretend I really considered to use some spikes :wink: And with “consider it done” I meant that I will do my best to create a ship which fits your description ^^
I will try to create a good mixture of additional ships, like fast, slim, wide, strange, and kitten class destroyers… Well whatever comes to my mind :wink:

A thing I thought about is to create a real unbelievable humongous sprite. So I would have to use a dds file with 768x768 or 1024x1024 pixels. The catch is that we can’t scale up the ships above 270 ingame. I dunno about your specific mod Arch, but for example Darkstars approach to scale down the other ships would allow us to use such a humongous sprite which is scaled up to the max ingame scale with sense.

The point is, if I use a 1024x1024 dds file, the parts of the ship will look considerable smaller than those of a 512x512. This is because I take parts of a ship out of a 512x512 file and create a 1024x1024 file. It’s too times as big but with the same size of original parts. This creates the illusion of beeing really big when the other ships (the old cruiser) are thus small.
Also the 1024x1024 would look much more detailed and sharper than a 512x512 file scaled up to 270 ingame. I hope I could make myself clear ^^
Erm, so what was my question again? Don’t know anymore… whatever I will just create one of those, let’s call it Behemoth Class ship sprites and see who of you implements it to my contentment :wink:


I upped 4 rebel teaser screens. The DL will follow later this week. Cliff, our great hero, suplied me with some special separate alliance renders, so stay tuned for some better alliance ships. And I will do some tribe ships the next time I feel like it. It’s all about motivation :wink:

Impressive work Eich. I have to say that, thanks to those ships you made, I recovered my interest in gsb and also in modding it.

Can I use ALL the ship sprites you’re posting here for the mod I’m working? (Of course you’ll recieve credit for putting all that effort in making them, and a big thanks around there also :wink: )

Looking forward to more ships from you :smiley:

P.S How come any of those ships don’t have names yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Give them whatever names you please, SirJamon. After all, you can change the display size of those sprites when using one in a ship design. There’s no reason at all why anyone can’t use one of these for any unit class from a tiny light corvette up to an immense fast dreadnought, or anything in between. I routinely assign ship-class names based upon the capabilities and the intended mission of whatever design I’m creating; your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

Yay! Moar ships :smiley:

I was going to propose an empire ship made from joining all the “cores” each empire ships has but seems you read my mind already :wink:

I hope I can end coding, at least, the federation ships to upload a beta from my mod :smiley:

Yes there are new ships. And of course I read your mind, my all over the world mind reading machine is running 24/7 365 :wink:
They have no names because I don’t want to restrict anybody in their creative process :wink:

these look amazing as most of your work,

dont give em to modders make cliff add em as official ships :stuck_out_tongue: