Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done

EDIT: added my graphics person’ s name to the topic to share the weath, since he is helping me out with all the ship pics.

Hey all I’ve started on my own eve-online mod and have been workling on it for a loooong time now and get ready for it. . . . Are you ready .

old links removed due to new updates

sorry its megaupload, if someone would like to mirror it you may do so and post the link here and i’ll put them into this post right here also.

Eve-online Beta 0.1 Caldari race has been put out.

PLEASE NOTE: This IS beta and bound to have errors and be overpowered. I’ll releasing this now so that i can get it out and have others test it for me as with me testing it also.

There is a Caldari Scenario, but only one wave is Caldari and some ships my be missing or not work right due to last minute module changes.
There is mostly tech one ships with the Steath bomber Manticore on there but with only one seige launcher due to how overpowered three are on the ship.

Also I have been thinking of redoing the classes and making the drones be the only fighters, making the frigates be frigates, and bump up the Ferox and Drake to Cruisers to join with the Raven, Scorpion, Rokh, Phoneix, Chimara, and Levaithan. Also there is very very beta Rails, and Missles. From 75mm rails, all the way to the mighty Dual 1000mm rail guns for the capitals, and from the tiny rocket launchers all the way up to Citidel Torpedos and cruise launchers. Right now only the Missles can be fitted to ALL the ship classes UNLESS it is just too big for the ship. IE that means NO Dual 1000mm rails on a Fighter, but the Manticore can fit ONE seige launcher Cruiser module. And If you can put enough power genarators on another ship i’m sure you can make more with it.

There are more plans to get this as I will bounce around the idea of the drones and INCLUDE drone carrier bays for frigates also. There also might be more more ships, and modules like Blasters. I’m thinking that the current refire, and damage and penitaration are WAY too overpowered. I’m going to look into that and see about getting them leveled out more. I feel that the shields are ballanced but you can take a look and asee if they need to be tweeked a little more. I have done lots of testing on the turtoral mission with single ships and tried to make it were they will not be overpowered. But some may have slipped out as being overpowered.

And above all enjoy and more to be released as it is balanced and once ballanced I’ll work on the next race.

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file is temporarily unavailable? megaupload seems to have your file down. can you upload it on say mediafire?

Edit* seems to be working now must have just been to fast.

Well I did JUST make the account today, And I can not slap it onto skybox as its over 50meg. I might try to split it up and put it there. Keep trying on the above link, I tried it and it went though and started to download.

if i could get you better ship textures would you want em? for example here is the new scorpion model that i rendered out myself just now. i have copies in .dds format already and can even make damage textures if you like. will work on a damage example tomorrow its getting too late to do it now. not trying to be rude or anything you have done a fantastic job so far but the images you used seem to have a lot of compression artifacts as well as a kinda of strange flat and muted look to them.


the one i just rendered out

Sure, If you do not mind, mine came out really bad. Just i would like the offical ships from eve though unmodifyed. I have CCP’s permission to mod with there ships as long as I follow there guildlines they have set for me to use them.

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er that is the official model in the most recent expansion they changed it to that one.


Oh yea duh, Sorry I’ve been without eve-online since febuary. . . . . So yea, I should at lest log on and update everything since i found a wireless that i can steal at home.

Soo hopefuly i’ll be around more.

Lone Starr

P.S. By the way that NEW scorpin is KICK (butt but three letters) ! ! !

yeah the new scorpion model is frickin sweet, its part of the “we updated the graphics engine ages ago but never remade the models to take advantage of it so we will slowly be updating all the ships in eve project” another new ship that takes advantage of it was the gift ship that came with the new planetary interaction the Primae doesn’t have much use its just a glorified shuttle but it looks so nice. cant find an ingame screen of it but heres some of the concept art for it.


Edit* found an ingame shot of it

mediafire.com/file/mh4x3dygt … orpion.rar

rar file with 3 1024x1024 .dds files of the scorpion hull


working on the raven now as well gonna get all the battleships done then move down to cruisers.

mediafire.com/file/pk0i3l5ne … 0raven.rar

raven images


same deal here is the raven. up next rokh

Edit* may need to rework the raven hulk texture the long square part looks odd and blockish
Edit 2* better raven hulk http://www.mediafire.com/file/gqszx2xp34rz1d5/raven_hulk.dds

Great work man I like them all, I just wish I was able to pull off some great images but for some odd reason I’m unable too. I WAS extracting the ships from eve-online and slapping them into milkshape after making the images were i can see them. Maybe that’s were I was going wrong, but I’m working on a freelancer eve-online mod also and well they can not use the same image format as Eve unless I’m doing something wrong.

Lone Starr

EDIT: Also can you pull out the drones, fighter and bomber drones, I think I’ll use them as the fighters only, and move the current fighters up into frigates, and push the Drake and Ferox up into Cruisers.

its the way the textures and stuff are stored for the eve models. you have to rip the included textures apart and recombine them to get useful things. the files that end in _d.dds are the color, glow, and transparency maps. color is red, green, blue channels, alpha channel is combined glow and transparency. the _ngs.dds are normal map, specular, and submask. the red channel is the submask, the green channel is the normal map x cord, the blue channel is the specular map, and alpha is the normal map y cords. so you pull out the submask and specular to thier own files and copy the green channel to the red in a new file and the alpha into the green of the new file to remake the normal map. and then the _p.dds files are the mask files this is in the alpha channel and is used to do things like the faction colors. all this is different for newly released stuff though as they use a new system for them. ships that use the new system are the new scorpion, the primae, and some new faction ships.

image showing the file breakdowns. current system is used for the older stuff the proposed system is in use for the new stuff

yeah i can pull drones/fighters/bombers. will that make battleships the largest size ship or will you want all the capitals as well?

Maybe making a list of ships that I’d like puled will be better here.
All drones, fighter and bomber drones the carrier ones,
All T1 frigates including the stealth bombers (might introduce t2 in a later update)
All Destroyers ( I think there is one per race )
All T1 Cruisers including battle cruisers
All T1 Battleships
The Titan, Dreadnought and Carrier.

If your able to pull them any Jove, or Concord ship, I would also like to get the main race faction frigates like the Hookbill, Comet, Firetail, and gha I forgot its name >.<

So What i’m thinking of doing is this for the ship class layouts
Fighters: drones
Frigates: Frigates and Cruisers
Cruisers: Battle cruisers and Battleships, Capitals

And then make or remake the modules as I need to fit this plan.

As for the textures this I knew but I never had a clue as to how that was done,I just took the file that was the main in tri-exporter and removed the alpha channel from it and used it. As that was the only way I knew how to make it work.

Lone Starr

aright cool i will get to work on all those. i finished up writing some macros that will do alot of the work for me, so it should only take about 15-20 min to get a ship image done + whatever time i spend on it making the damage and hulk images.

Ok Sweet looks like this weekend is a cooding weekend. Now If i can just get the Freelancer eve mod done this easy lol.

Look forward to it, And for the others out there, Looks at you I can see that i have had others download my mod files but only Severian-Void has posted stuff. What are your thoughts about it and are you having compatability troubles with any other mod?? Also I’m thinking about making better turrets and missile bays for the Eve-online mod.

Lone Starr

I have been lurking this board for a little too long now. It was time I came out and started posting :wink:

Im having problems getting your Eve mod to work… I have installed several other mods (star wars/trek/legios/tau’ri/scavenger) without a problem, but after I install yours I dont get anything. No new Race/Ships/Hulls/Missions… Nada. Tried re-downloading and re-installing multiple times… not sure whats wrong… can you have TOO many mods installed in GSB?

Can’t wait to try out your mod. And Thanks to Cliffski for GSB!

the mod package is missing the file that tells the game where to look for the mod files. you need a text file placed in the folder path below.

…\gratuitous space battles\data\installs

make a text file name it whatever put this code in it where path equals the name of the folder that the mod files are in. save it out as whatever.txt and it should work fine. Eve-Online is the default name of the folder in the mod package but if you named the folder different make sure to adjust the name.


that should fix the issue if you are still having issues after that let me know and i will see if i can sort em out.

holy cow just noticed this on the texture for the caldari dragonfly fighter but there is a fully modeled and textured pilot in it. rendered out a closeup of it just for kicks check it out. nothin fancy just a quick sample render of him.

Edit* well whata you know every fighter has a little pilot in it.

Lets here from some people once caldari is complete which race would you like to see done next?

also samples of some of the ship renders not sized accurately but should give you an idea of what they will look like. still need to touch up a few, tone down some highlights few other things. Reply in the thread let me know what you guys think.

Image Creation Status
–Still To Do–
-ships - complete
-damage - complete
-hulk - complete
Not Started
Not Started
Coming up next

–Fully Complete (Ship, Damage, Hulk)–
All Caldari Ships