Modding support is working :D

Sooo… I now have mod support working in Democracy 3. This means players will be able to mod in new policies, simulation values, events, dilemmas and situations. There are also two new and cool things:

  1. Enabling / Disabling mod GUI.
    You now get a GUI that lists all the mods in the system and allows you to enable/disable them at will through a GUI, without having to rename folders or move anything. In other words you can install dozens of mods happily and leave ones you decide you don’t want disabled without having to uninstall them.

  2. Overrides
    A system designed for each country, but also available eventually to modders. Overrides change an existing equation. if you want a mod that makes religious people less tolerant (for example) you can have a list of overrides (simple text files) which replace all the existing effects to/from the religious group with different ones.
    You could theoretically replace every link and equation int he game like this, including adding new ones and removing old ones.