Modding tool

Anyone skilled willing to make a tool (visual editor) for modding to D4? D3 had it’s own but it’s from 2013 and well… some changes were made in a way of creating a policies in D4 so it makes it less usefull. I think that it should be possible for someone to “update” the original mod creator.
Here’s a screen of how it looked like

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Where did you get this D3 tool? I might be interested in porting it over to D4 depending on how much work it would be. I don’t think I could commit to writing a whole new tool for D4 at this time though.

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I had completely forgotten about this! I’ve been busy developing my own game (Software Inc).

Anyway, I found it hidden on an old backup drive:

It was seemingly created in VS 2012 using Windows Forms, not sure what state it is in. Good luck!


Thanks for the quick reply and for the source code. I’m glad to see it’s C# :slight_smile:

I know Software inc! It’s a pretty cool game.

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Wow, I didn’t knew that the developer of one of my favourite games ever was working on it ;o

@Khornel Till I still can - I just wanted to say thank you - For the tool - For the source code (In my and fellow D4 players name I guess) - And for Soft. Inc. - Dude, like, it’s so freaking good, I’ve been playing since Alpha and I still love it, duh, it got even better - You did such a great job working on it. Words can’t describe how I even feel about it.

@man_with_flan That’s highly appreciated! ^^ Let us know if You’ll have any updates on this

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