[MODPACK] Gratuitous Tank Battles Plus

GTB Plus

Guess who’s still around? Me. I was in the mood for a gritty, grimy-style game after reading some Warhammer 40k stuff, and decided to come back to GTB. Honestly, despite the fact that the modding community never really took off, I still really enjoy the game after [checks date] eight years.

Playing the base game for a bit was fun, but as usual with Positech Games that are really mod-friendly, I ended up looking to create some custom modules. Unlike my previous mods for GTB and GSB I’m more interested in producing mods that fit at least vaguely into the base-game’s balance this time around.

From that, we get this: GTB Plus.
GTB Plus is designed to expand the main game with modules that could perhaps have come with the main game, in another timeline. These modules are balanced against the base game, not other mods (which would have been difficult to manage anyway with the barren wasteland that is the GTB modding community).

This mod adds the following:

Infantry Expansion Modules:
Vat-Grown Infantry Hull - A new ‘hull’ representing vat-grown infantry units. More expensive than regular infantry, they’re capable of holding two defensive modules and two augmentations.
Servo-Assisted Armour Module - The same weight as a flak jacket, with better protection than energised body armour, but with an unsurprisingly large price tag.
Portable Shield Pack Module - A shield for your infantry. Heavier than any of the other defensive options, and more expensive than anything short of Servo-Assisted Armour, but with the ability to recharge between engagements.
ATGM Launcher Module - Missiles for infantry are always fun. Two rockets in a tube, with a long resupply time. A small amount of splash damage. Twice as effective against internals, if you can break the armour. The tandem charge struggles against shields.
Infantry Flamethrower Module - Flamethrowers for infantry are even more fun. An absolutely incredible infantry-killer, the weapon is otherwise sub-par.
Human Augmentation Program Module - An infantry propulsion option that is superior to Super-Spring Powered Exo Boots in all areas, at cost.
Explosive Compression I and II - Shrapnel Dispersal module for infantry. Employ it alongside flamethrowers or ATGMs to improve their infantry-killing potential.

Restorative Shields - Slightly less maximum shield points compared to turbo shields, but considerably higher recharge rate.
Citadel Shields - Superheavy shields, only able to be mounted on large defensive emplacements. Massive shield point total, but slower recharge speed than normal.
Mobile Shield Generator - Modified shield generator that can be mounted on tanks.

Ultraheavy Cannon - An extension to the standard cannon line. Longer range and higher damage than the Superheavy Cannon, with an associated weight, cost, fire interval, and resupply time increase.
Light Howitzer - The beginning of a new line of ballistic gun. Howitzers tend towards lower damage than their Cannon counterparts, with a longer reload and resupply time, but massively increased range (and minimum range), along with the ability to deal splash damage over an area. Effective against infantry, and over extraordinary range.
Heavy, Superheavy, and Ultraheavy Howitzers - Ascending in the line of howitzers produces an increased range and damage, with even longer reload times and ever-expanding minimum ranges.

Atomic Annie Barrage - The M65 atomic cannon was a successful attempt to build a 280mm nuclear artillery piece. The Atomic Annie Barrage represents two shells from an M65 striking the battlefield 19 seconds after the gun fires, reflecting Atomic Annie’s real-life shell transit time during its first test fire. The barrage strikes most, if not all, of the map with each blast, with each shell dealing massive damage that few units can survive; nothing that I am aware of can survive two of them one after the other. Massive supply cost to activate, with a 180 second cooldown between barrages.

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wc40h7k9fhx97t7/GTB_Plus_v1.0.zip/file

GTB base game. No DLC is required.


  1. Download and open the zip file available on mediafire.
  2. Move the ‘gtbplus’ folder into your GTB directory. This is usually found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Gratuitous Tank Battles , though this may vary between machines. If you’ve done this correctly, you should see ‘gtbplus’ in the same folder as ‘data’, ‘directx’, the GTB .exe, etcetera.
  3. Move ‘gtbplus_install.txt’ to your GTB directory’s installs folder. This is usually found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Gratuitous Tank Battles\data\installs.
  4. Boot up GTB.

If done correctly, you should find GTB Plus under the mod menu in the GTB client.
Congratulations, you’ve installed the first new mod in 4 years!

As usual nothing in this mod would have been possible without the work of Cliff Harris, who developed GTB. All of the mods utilise icons and sprites that are available in the base game.

The mod does not, to my knowledge, conflict with anything in the base game or any mods.

Installation instructions, plus uninstallation instructions, can be found in the readme.

I’ve not done as much with GTB but hey, I’ll know where to start next time I do.