MOD idea/question.

Not sure if this is the right section for this but here’s my question.
Has anyone thought about doing a Gratuitous Fantasy Battles mod or game?
I did a quick search, and didn’t see anything like that, but thought it might be cool to set up infantry/cavalry formations, set up archers in the back or flanks and then watch them battle.

I don’t know if it would work as a mod at all because of so many huge changes like mélee combat and units not crossing over top of eachother, but it was a thought that sounded like fun.

It can be done, but the final result will not be so good, cuz there are just a few ways to get “moving bodies” and none of them are “visually pleasant”.

For a mod like that i suggest you to wait to the release of Gratuitous Tank Battles, in that game anyone will be able to get a closer thing to a Fantasy Mod.

The closest good-looking idea for a “magic” mod in GSB is a Technomage Race with special ships and weapons. I’ve made a suggestion some weeks ago for that.

It “could” be done! The problem of them looking good as praetors said cant be easily done, however melee combat and units going over each other are not that big of a problem.

Melee combat can be achieved by having short range weapons with an affect like many of the PI’s weapons where there is an ‘impact’ affect that could work well with melee, but getting sword to swing and flair to fly is another problem it could be done with lasers e.g. a swooshy laser affect when the weapon is ‘fired’ but this goes back to the problem of not looking 100%.

The only ships that pass over the top of other ships are fighters, frigates and cruisers do collide with each other in the since that they can’t pass through one another.

Hope this has helped, it is possible but you’ll need to be driven! :slight_smile: