Module Filter / Sorting.

Hi all,

I am new here, having just got the game last week. I have been playing for a while today but I am wondering if there is a way to filter the various modules/upgrades in the fleet HQ. It is a little annoying trying to find modules for frigates only and going through a list that does not seem to be sorted in any way. Am I missing something?


Hi and welcome to the forums !

I don’t remember any sorting function for the fleet HQ. Anyway, pretty soon you should have enough honor to buy everything there, and you’ll just forget about this screen forever :slight_smile:

That is until you get a mod and they have locked modules and hulls :slight_smile:

True. I prefer when mods come fully unlocked. For some reason i pretty much dislike the Fleet HQ :slight_smile:

Okay, cheers guys. Getting there slowly, it is a lot to take in (I never read manuals etc - should really).

I saw a Star Wars mod on youtube. Looks interesting. What Mods would you recommend?

Eich’s Legios mod was always a favorite “starter mod” of my preference. I’m unsure if it’s updated sufficiently to work nice with the latest version of the game, but that can be determined quickly. Why not give it a test-drive?

You should take a look there : viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5451

recommendations : UniT is probably the only one to be quite balanced with the normal game. A very good mod.

If you want cool sci-fi ships, try fantasy fleet or galactic compendium.

StarBlazers is great, but has a bug with the fleet HQ, so don’t try it now :slight_smile:

Edit : Legios does work with the last version of the game :-). Should have thought about it !

Scavengers is also nice :slight_smile: