Mood en route to work?


No matter how I travel it seems I arrive to work “stressed and tired”

Sometimes it’s fit and tired, but not often.

How can I get it so I can get to work NOT stressed and tired??


get pets. depending on your job, you may need them to lower your stress levels.


I have a dog and a cat :-/



does ya have a car(do u have a car)???

Try that

Keep on smiling

urz Miss Sunshine


yeah, car, fancy car, motorbike, bicycle, skateboard, tried them all… Is mood upon arriving at work a random assignment?


I have the same problem with all my characters - No matter what mathod of transport I use, my characters are always “stressed and tired” or “bored and tired” when they arrive.


get some tropical fish, or other pets, they will improve your mood :smiley:



I tried it with fish and so…but I can’t buy a parot…
When I want to by it, the screen is black and then I have to start the game again…but I don’t have a bird! :’-(

Keep on Smiling


I have the same problem. Mood is alway “borred and tired” no matter which way of transport I use. Pets improve mood but only when u are home (when u get back from work)

Parot??? :open_mouth: Did I miss anything?? I only can buy dog, fish and cat… I didn see a parot… Some patch or or expansion set orsomething ?


As far as I can tell, that text describes how your mood changed for the whole day. In other words, if you have a job that adds a lot of Tiredness, you will always see it say you were tired. If you don’t want to be so tired, get a job that’s less demanding :wink:

Of course, I could be completely wrong.


parrot? :question:


Anyone tried the hamster ?