Moon / Mars Policies

Once you’ve established a long serving base for moon or for mars i think it would be a good idea for new policies to appear which enable you to extract income from mining or even colonising - it feels like these policies are cut short from what you would expect in real life.

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I’m not sure the current policies strictly say you already have those things if you fund the space programs sufficiently. It’s more like, you strive to get there.

Maybe eventually longterm gameplay would be nice - in fact that’s kind of part of the core issues with the game right now: Eventually you get so popular, nothing changes anymore. You’d have to have some long term stuff that upsets the balance enough for it to remain at least a little bit challenging.
That being said, it’s gonna be really freaking hard to pull that off well without, like, “dating” the gameplay. One goal is to keep it relevant to today, even a decade or so from now. Which, I think, very quickly limits the scope of something like this.


I think these sort of things are happening in the near future e.g. NASA moon base happening by 2024. Is it not possible to say within a couple of terms of an existing policy a new one shows up which has it’s own pro’s cons. It doesn’t feel like that would be impossible to code right?

its possible, but there is no existing system to trigger a policy automatically after X turns of another…although… it could be done with hidden simulation values. Its certainly possible to mod it :smiley: