More feedback alpha 1.03a

More notes and suggestions

  1. Positech game’s website homepage still doesn’t have D4 on mobile
  2. On the “changes” screen after an election some changes when they go up should be red because they are bad (e.g. crime or co2 emissions, if they go up it should be red)
  3. Vice versa: if food prices goes down, it should be green not red
  4. In the compass screen it’s not showing my previous games sometimes
  5. In the compass screen if you click “local” nothing happens, but the text in the compass goes bold, if you keep clicking it gets bolder and bolder
  6. Options screen still needs UI resizing options and higher graphics options
  7. Game still doesn’t work with my antivirus on lol
  8. Need option to turn off tutorial in settings
  9. Setting for unlimited political capital?
  10. I was trying to find bugs to I tried putting that disable DPI option on (I believe that’s the name), the game becomes super zoomed in and it never goes back to original or there is any way to go back to the original display settings. You need that timer thing to keep settings or revert automatically, the only way to bring it back was by delete ting the \my games\ folder and uninstalling the game
  11. I found that now it’s almost impossible to implement some policies or cancel others, since my maximum political capital would usually be under 42, and inheritance tax cost 48 or to cancel state pensions is 49 for example.
  12. Healthy eating campaign puts obesity up when it’s lower than 50%?
  13. (See screenshot) visual glitch sometimes
  14. Dilemmas like positive discrimination happen more than once
  15. Organized crime shows twice in the narcotics screen

Regarding the changes arrows having different colours, cliffski has said they really want to avoid normativity where they can in the presentation of your country. I think one solution to this might be to give players the option to pick which variables are good and bad, but I doubt it would be a priority.

Oh, makes sense to avoid that for most things, but I can’t think of a country that thinks food prices going up are a good thing lol especially because those in-game have bad effects, so it would make sense to make those red, and vice versa.

Also, it would help when scrolling not having to read everything to know if it’s good or bad.