More Feedback (Tracer Limpets and Composite Groups)


Composite Groups are awesome! Somehow I had completly overlooked the feature until I saw you using them in the 1.17 video.


What the heck do Tracer Limpets actually do?


Is there a way to wipe our progress and High Scores? As we progress through beta I’d like to wipe out the High scores anytime we change balance.

They’re supposed to fly around and latch onto enemy fighters & gunships, slowing them down to make them easier targets. I’ve never actually seen them cause a significant reduction in speed in GSB 2 though, so maybe they’re bugged at the moment.

Hi, tracer limpets aren’t the normal limpets from GSB1 (which were heavy and slowed the ship) tracer limpets act like laser targeting beams that light up the ship they are attached to and make them easier to hit. I’ve changed their description to explain this better, but perhaps they al;so need a visual effect…

The only way to wipe scores right now is to delete the file in

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles2\sc.dat

and ach.dat to clear achievements.